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IBPS PO (Prelims)…What To Do?

IBPS PO (Prelims)…What To Do?

By / Feb 13, 2019

With just over 48 hours left for the first ever IBPS PO (Prelims) to begin, it’s important for you to put the right strategy in place to crack the exam. Read through to understand how to form the right strategy for the D-Day.

Strategy Table

IBPS PO (Prelims) Strategy Table

How the strategy table works?

The above table will help formulate your game-plan for the D-day. Let’s see how this works: Assuming that you are strong in the Numerical Ability section, little confident in Reasoning and English is a nightmare for you then,

1 You should start with the Numerical Ability section. Considering you have higher competence in this section it should take you less time, simultaneously your focus should be on maximizing the score that will help you clear the overall cut-off. Hence, try to get maximum correct answers in the minimum time possible, fix a target between 19-20 marks but don’t spend more than 18 minutes in this section.

2 Next, based on your competency you can either start with Reasoning or English. If you begin with the Reasoning section, you need keep in mind not to spend more than 20 minutes in this section. Simultaneously, you can aim at scoring between 15-17 marks.

3 Since English is a section in which you have lowest competency, it is good idea to give more time to this section. However, your focus should be to ensure that you have enough right answers to clear the sectional cut-offs. You can keep a target score between 10-12 marks and spend around 17-20 minutes in this section.

Important Points to Remember

1 The strategy table is based on your competency level in a particular section. While developing your strategy for the D-Day, it is a good idea to give preference to the section where you have higher competency. It will help you in saving time as well as increasing your score.

2 A candidate needs to clear all sectional cut-offs and the overall cut-off in order to qualify for the next level. So, don’t waste too much time on one section only. Keep a target score of at least 9-10 marks in every section and 43-46 marks overall to land in the safe zone.

3 Each wrong answer will be penalized with -0.25 marks from the total score. So, avoid making mistakes as much as you can. In case you are not sure about an answer, it is a good idea to leave that question instead of making a mistake.

What to attend and what to leave?

In case you are still wondering how to attempt the section (what questions to try first and what questions to try later), you can find below a table depicting the time savers and time takers of various sections. However, we strongly recommend you to read all the questions (even if you want to skip it!)

What to attend and what to leave in IBPS PO 2015

A combination of right strategy along with right preparation will make you successful.

All the best!

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Last updated on : Oct 06, 2022