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Study Planner

An Adaptive Practice Tool for Exam Preparation

  • Study Planner organises your entire syllabus into topic-wise practice modules.
  • It has an adaptive back-end that creates an exciting, gamified exam-prep experience.
  • It comprises a large item bank that gives you a 360o exam prep.

How to Use

  • Set Deadline

    Set a Target Date for Syllabus Completion.
  • Meet Daily Goals

    Bring the discipline to meet Goals of the Day (GOTD).
  • Adjust Daily Effort Level

    If GOTD feels overwhelming / underwhelming, try adjusting the due date for smaller/larger GOTD targets.
  • Tag Questions

    Develop a habit of tagging questions while practising; the tagged ones will be available as a collection for revision later.
  • Revise

    Every weekend, dedicate a portion of time to practise the incorrect/overtime/tagged question sets.


Exhaustive Coverage

Study Planner gives you exhaustive practice only on the relevant questions according to the latest pattern of the exams. It also takes into consideration how frequently a topic occurs in the exam and how difficult it is to master the topic. The adaptive algorithm churns out the optimum number of practice questions for you.

Gamified Experience

Earn points to scale through levels in the topics. Wrong answers will pull you down, while correct, in-time attempts will accelerate your progress. Study Planner gives you a fun experience and instantaneous take on targets achieved as you move through the prep process.

Goals of the Day

Study Planner brings a daily practice discipline and helps you focus one small step at a time. You are never bogged down or overwhelmed by the syllabus and everyday you are inching towards mastery of the exam content. You never lose focus and are in complete control.

Tag Questions for Revision

Customise how you would like to take up a question later, by tagging it. This helps you revisit tricky questions, or questions which took long to solve, so that you may work on a strategy around them when you have plenty of time, maybe on a weekend.