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  • To a part i owe my success to tcy. They helped me to get ready for exam by providing insightful mock tests that were almost similar to the actual exams.

    Akash Verma
  • The mock tests were really very close to the real exam. In fact I was scoring around 105 in mocks and got 107 in actual exam.

    Sumit Madan
  • It was a tough task for me to manage both Mathematics and Biology simultaneously, but TCY Analytics helped me throughout my preparation. The remedial inputs saved a lot of my time by making me focus only on my weak areas. The tests too are of very high quality. I thank TCYonline for my success.

  • I subscribed package with TCY. Sectional tests helped me in focusing on my weak areas while mock tests helped a lot to make me familiar with real exam interface. With each mock, my score got better because I was able to analyze my attempted questions, compare time spent by me and average time taken by others.

    Raj Kumar
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