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Get full featured TCY Analytics which will help you prepare, compare and share your performance with your friends.

Variety of Tests

Topic-wise, Sectional & Mock Tests in actual test format.

Detailed Test Analysis

Know your performance trend upto sub-sub-sub skill level.

Comparative Standings

Get comparative score against toppers and thousands of others.

Topic-Wise Analysis

Know your weak areas so as to concentrate effort on those areas.

Review Your Performance

Flag difficult questions and review all past answers anytime.

Manage Time Effectively

Identify questions that take most/least time.

Expert Recommendations

Improve with pinpointed Expert Recommendations.

Customize Your Preparation

Create your own tests with Test Generator.

Add Fun to Learning

Play real time quizzes & challenges with others.

What Learners say 

The trust is every time reinforced with the reviews from our achievers who gained tremendously from the in-depth analysis. Here are a few comments from some of the test takers who wrote their success stories using TCY Analytics.

Daniel George, GRE: 334/340

I have scored 334 in the GRE and 115 in TOEFL. Your website was very useful during my preparation for both these tests.... Solving a lot of questions of the same difficulty as the actual tests boosted my confidence and helped me perform well on the test day.

Rhythm, IELTS

I cleared my IELTS and got 8 bands overall in the first go. All this was possible due to the effective test prep techniques offered by The valuable insights from TCY Analytics helped me throughout my prep journey. I have secured admission in the University of Alberta. I strongly recommend for sure shot success in IELTS.

Ridhima, SAT

When I took the real SAT,I could hardly find anything unfamiliar. The writing section went off the best. The kind of tips and tricks that I was,... given by TCY experts, made the whole thing look very simple. Again the widest range of tests offered by TCY, helped me build my confidence and also helped me overcome all my weaknesses. I couldn't have scored 1920 without this support.

Jason Dsouza, GRE

The help provided by TCY Analytics was more than sufficient to score well in GRE. The test material touched upon each and every topic,... every test being an accurate indication of your weak points. And once you realize your weak points, your battle is half-won. All in all, my experience with TCYonline has been wonderful.

Abhishek Anand, PTE & IELTS

Thanks to TCYonline. I scored overall 90 in PTE Academic and an overall 8 in IELTS General.

Asheesh Banga, GRE: 326/340

I have used Analytics and test generator features offered on In fact, now I use Test Generator quite often. What I... like the best about test generator is the flexibility it offers. For Instance, I was surprised to generate test only for reading comprehension based on "Arts" related issues only. What a classification indeed! What else do you want? I now consult teacher just for problem resolution.


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