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Every time I take a test at Teacher Assistant, I know

where I stand

what next I should do to succeed

Bringing together Students, Parents, Teachers and Principals to work towards the Common Goal….Excellence!
  • Students Know 'Where They Stand'

    Test after test, they get to know
    • • topics mastered
    • • topics to improve
    • • performance relative to others

  • Parents Know 'Where Exactly to Help'

    They get actively involved as they
    • • know how their child is doing
    • • know his/her improvement areas
    • • feel empowered to help him/her

  • Teachers can Individualise Learning'

    They get in-depth analysis to
    • • know student strengths/weakness
    • • identify common misconceptions
    • • arrange effective remedial classes
  • Principals Get 'Real-Time Control' over Academics

    They get snapshots of the entire school, on
    • • relative performance of the school
    • • how each class is progressing
    • • how each teacher is performing
How it Works
School/home based testing at the
end of every chapter
Actionable reports to guide
students, parents and teachers
Assured improvements with corrective
action by stakeholders
What Schools Say
  • "Thanks to Teacher Assistant,
    I now have ready solutions for all my academic and administrative problems. I can access detailed reports of each child, class and teacher. I can hold meaningful discussions with teachers, highlighting important focus areas. National benchmarking gives our students a competitive edge."
  • "TCY online assignment is a very effective method of evaluating a student's understanding of the topic. The ability to evaluate understanding and also pinpoint particular areas where the student is not clear helps the educator to eliminate such problems. The variety and relevance of question bank is excellent. Overall, a very helpful system for students."
  • "It is a wonderful tool to gauge student skills on an ongoing basis. The question bank is excellent and is well suited for identifying student weaknesses in topic areas. Teacher Report and Principal Report ensure timely remedial action."
  • "It is a boon to students. The wide repository of questions gives students an in-depth and detailed exposure to the topic. The in-depth study better prepares us to face Olympiads and other competitive exams. The system records our weak areas and suggests remedial action."
  • "After my son's school implemented TCY's Teacher Assistant, I am able to get in regular touch with what is happening in his school. Test after test the reports not only tell me where my child is weak, but also guide me on how I can help him as a parent to remove those weaknesses. I now feel empowered to help my son."
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Continuous & Comprehensive E-Assessments
The ever changing needs of education have truly exposed the need for enhancing skills rather than learning a subject, and this has been aptly recognized by some educational boards like CBSE, quite evident from the adoption of CCE, PSA and OTBA, which lay stress on higher order and 21st century skills. Assigning extraordinary importance to assessments and ignoring the efforts before and after it, render the whole assessment process futile... read more


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