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To help you realise your innate potential with minimal effort, by using the power of Remedial Analytics


To help you become what you were born to be

TCY stepped into the world of education in the year 1998 with a dream to redefine it in terms of Index of Human Fulfillment. TCY has since eclipsed the Goliaths and is today the fastest growing company in parallel education.

From Day one, TCYians have been restless. To this day, each one of us continues to be restless, aspiring to help everyone in every possible way to achieve his innate potential. We believe there should be no such thing as "square peg in a round hole".

What makes TCY different is our ability to integrate teaching, research & technology and to deliver education that is distinctive and personalized, not one-size-fits-all. The R&D works not only on the supporting materials but also on teaching and learning effectiveness. It is in fact part of everything we do, every interaction we have. This improves our services more accurate by the minute. The Research and Development Unit at TCY serves as the nodal centre to monitor the content being generated from across the country and the globe, through an endless chain of online authors, editors, and quality controllers, bound by nothing but dream and passion. Students and academicians across the globe have increasingly evinced interest in TCY pedagogy. No wonder, millions of students, authors and academicians are directly/indirectly associated with us - and the numbers are increasing exponentially.

To put it succinctly, TCY is a group of eclectic, creative and disruptive minds that are out to redefine education solely in terms of Index of Fulfillment.