You will be a part of a community which believes in breaking norms and
creating learning experiences that help learners become what they are born to be.
Come, be a part of this disruptive team.
Disruption: How we make it work

Disruptive Norms

We always question ourselves: “What can we do to create a big impact in the lives of the learners?“

Connecting the Un-connectables

Add diverse people. They would bring in ideas from varied sectors, which help us bring to the sector what it has never seen before.

Questioning the Status Quo

Everyone is encouraged to ask just one question: "Why?"

Objectivity We believe that reality has no perceptions. If anything cannot be defined in absolute terms, it doesn’t work for us.
Inclusion With our 100% aligned goals, every team member is focused on driving the organization towards success.
Global Outlook
Our tastes are pretty simple. If it is not the best, we are not interested in it.
Creating Value
A small question for every action, small or big: “What value does it bring to the table?”
Futuristic Products and Business Models
We foster imagination to build the products of tomorrow today.
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