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How Obsession-An Entrance Hub Became Top Choice for Lucknow Students

How Obsession-An Entrance Hub Became Top Choice for Lucknow Students

How Obsession-An Entrance Hub Became Top Choice for Lucknow Students

By Admin / Dec 27, 2023

How 'Obsession-An Entrance Hub' Became Top Choice for Lucknow Students

In the dynamic world of educational coaching, Obsession – An Entrance Hub in Lucknow stands as a paragon of innovation and quality. This case study explores how Obsession's strategic partnership with TCY, a leader in educational analytics, has transformed its approach to competitive exam preparation, embodying a futuristic vision in education.

A Progressive Alliance: Obsession Meets TCY
In July 2021, Obsession, under the visionary leadership of Director Shubham Jagdish, embarked on a transformative journey by partnering with TCY. This collaboration was not just a step towards integrating technology in education but a leap towards a data-empowered teaching paradigm.

Milestones of Collaboration
Initial Leap into BBA (July 2021): The partnership commenced with a focus on BBA exam preparation, introducing the BBA Complete Solution - a blend of traditional coaching excellence with TCY's data-driven insights.
Expanding Horizons with CUET (July 2022): A year later, Obsession widened its spectrum to include CUET preparation, further leveraging TCY's analytical prowess to offer unparalleled coaching quality.
Venturing into MBA Prep (April 2023): In its most recent stride, Obsession integrated MBA All-in-One Combo with E-books, marking a comprehensive approach to MBA exam preparation.
Rapid Scaling and Enhanced Offerings: The growth trajectory from 25 TCY subscriptions IDs to an impressive 2,000 subscriptions is a testament to Obsession's commitment to scaling up while maintaining educational excellence, enabled significantly by TCY's platform.

TCY as a Catalyst for Educational Excellence
Analytics-Driven Customization: TCY's analytics have been instrumental in curating personalized learning experiences, allowing Obsession to pinpoint and address individual student needs effectively.
Benchmarking Beyond Borders: National benchmarking tools provided by TCY have given students at Obsession a competitive edge, aligning their preparation with national standards.
Efficient and Focused Learning: Customized study plans derived from data analytics have ensured that students spend their time and effort on the most impactful areas of study.

Director's Perspective
Shubham Jagdish speaks highly of this synergy: "Our alliance with TCY has been pivotal in our evolution. It's more than technology integration; it's about redefining how we teach. TCY's platform has enabled us to offer a more personalized, efficient, and ultimately more effective educational experience to our students."

Outcomes: A New Educational Paradigm
Superior Learning Outcomes: The analytical approach has resulted in improved academic performance, especially in challenging areas.
Adaptive and Responsive Teaching: Data-driven insights have enabled Obsession to adapt its teaching methods, aligning closely with student needs.
Expansive Educational Scope: The institute has significantly broadened its course offerings, marking its stature as a versatile and comprehensive educational hub. Seeing Obsession's meticulous use of TCY tools and reports for students, TCY has been routing Lucknow-based students to this centre via the TCY platform.

The Obsession-TCY partnership epitomizes how technology and analytics can revolutionize the educational landscape. This case study is not just a narrative of growth and innovation; it's a blueprint for the future of educational excellence. Obsession, with TCY as its enabler, has set a benchmark in personalized, analytics-driven education, paving the way for others to follow in the quest for educational brilliance.

As we share this story, we invite all stakeholders to witness how Obsession, with TCY's support, is not just teaching for today but empowering for a lifetime. Join us in celebrating this milestone in educational evolution.

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Last updated on : Apr 13, 2024