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GRE Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) : GRE Argument

(483 Posts)

Post and discuss tips and tricks on writing an analysis of an argument

Question should not exceed 100 characters.Use add options for multiple choice questions and "Uploadimage/Add related data" for passage text papers.
Question should be at least 10 characters long.
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Vir Singh Gill
Posted on Jun 18, 2016 5:29 PM

AWA : Reliance On Technology
The ability of humans to think for themselves has not deteriorated with the use of tachnology.

Humans are the ones who come up with new and better technology for there use. They invent new technology to make there life easier and faster. They think for themselves which results in imporvement and evolution of technology. Computer was inevnted long time back since then it is evolving according to the need of current time. Nowdays computer has made office work a lot easier. New processors are used which increase the speed of computers. Making these processors challenging requires a lot of thinking.
Calculators do long calculations in less time. This saves time which we can use to do other important work and look for new technology. All this research is done because we think for ourselves.
Some peoplle may think that this has reduced our mental power to do easy calculations but on the whole technology has not deteriorated our ability to think for ourselves.

In concluson, technology has not deteriorated the ability for humans to think for themselves.

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Technology is definately a boon for us in today's world. But on the other hand it is making us slouchy, we're getting everything done in just a click. People dont even move a step, they prefer net banking, online transactions, even if they've got a bank aside their workstation or home. None of us is ready to do physical work, which is leading us to the dead end. Physical work is definately required in order to maintain our health levels.
rnPeople are getting detached from their family and focusing more on the outer world, we are curious to know whats going on in the World, but no one is intrested to know if our family members are alright.
rnWe are solving equations through a calculator, but we're not ready to use the god gifted calculator, our brain.
rnTechnology is gradually detoriating our abilities, no sooner we all will be prefering a robo instead of doing usual stuffs on our ownself.
rnI disagree with your points, yes technology is a great help for us, but what are the concequences? It should help us in doing work, not make us lathargic.

Gurlaz Kaur
Posted on Apr 14, 2016 8:33 AM

Argument task:

The Maple county is debating on restricting the farmland development in the county to provide more housing facilities to match up with the increasing population. Superficially, it seems as these measures might result in increased housing prices in the Maple county. But there are some fallacious assumptions that weaken the given argument.

First of all, the cases of Chestnut and Pine counties that Maple county is comparing it with are ten and fifteen years ago. It cannot be taken as an authenticate comparison among these as the time lag is large and conditions and circumstances change with time. There might be the case that in the Chestnut and Pine counties requirements of housing and incomes of citizens were different than those of Maple county prevailing today. If the details of conditions prevalent ten or fifteen years back from other two counties are made available and if they seem to be matching with the current scenario of the Maple county, then it can support the argument more.

The Maple county is considering only the option of restricting the development of existing farmlands and not other possible solutions. There can be restrictions applied on industrial sector or county can provide its citizens with multiple story flats to provide the required housing facilities. Without considering other options along with their pros and cons and applying measures will not be much beneficial for the Maple county. Provided the valid comparisons of all other measures is made with the restriction on farmlands, it will make it more clear to take a decision for the county.

In Chestnut county, the housing prices have increased only modestly since ten years ago. It might be because of the reason that the demand of the houses was not that much in Chestnut county and additional houses were already available to meet the demands. Similar is the case with Pine county, there the demand for housing might be more and hence leading to the increased housing prices. If the statistics for demand and supply for these counties is provided and it can be compared with those of the Maple county, it will be helpful to make it clear whether the comparison is sound or not.

The Maple county is predicting an increase in housing prices but no data is represented telling the economical conditions of the county. If the citizens have incomes to afford the costlier houses, then increased prices might not be a bigger problem. Also, the investment in making new houses can be compared with the incomes of the people. So, county should consider the incomes and expenditures of citizens with the housing costs to check whether citizens can afford or not.

In conclusion, the Maple county is making decisions on narrow assumptions and there needs to be more points taken into consideration such as: conditions, demand and supply of other counties to Maple county; other possible solutions to the problem; the income of citizens and actual expenses on making new houses. Without considering these facts and figures it will be difficult to support the argument.

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Sukhpreet Grewal
Posted on Apr 08, 2016 8:30 AM


While it may be true that if monarch book open a cafe in a book store may they attaract more customer but in order to do that they have to see whether the opening of cafe effect customer or not in order to do this monarch book store board of directors should give valid facts in order to justify opening of cafe in a book store.

The first problem of the arugment is that the board of director stated that monarch book open the cafe because they are at a same location for twenty years that means location of store may effect i dont know whether they have a good location or not because in opening a cafe on a good location will defentiely effect that in arugment the author should have staed that rather stating that we are at that location for twenty years they must be satted that the monarch book store has a good amount of customer and there customer suggest that they should open a cafe in a book store.

The other problem is that they stated that the room for cafe will be made from discounting children section maybe there customer are only children in that case if there major amount of customer are children and than they are discounting the children section than the customer for there cafe will defenitely decrease instead of this they should have stated that the children section is not doing well from past that much time for that reason we are discunting the chid section.

other problem is the are discounting there children section because of census in census they have given that population under ten yeras siginfincant decarsed may be that census accroding to which they are making decesion may be valid should they relie on that or may be census will include that particular area where child population under ten years are less insted they must relie on a valid census to take any decsion depending on census they must have good source or reliable source on which they depend.

may be if they open a cafe in a book store attract more people they way they are stated but for this they may have given some good reason for that but the reason they have stated in a arugment doesnt support there idea as they decision is not taken under seeing the whole scenirio like location,children population.

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Posted on Nov 30, 2015 8:32 AM

If an integer 'n' is divided by 13,it leaves a remainder 2,what is the remainder when '7n' is divided by 13?

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Post your answer along with explanati1. Technology creates more problems than it solves , an may threaten or damage the quality of life Today is the era of technology . It has invented lot of things . These all things make our life easy and fast .while as per as the benifites it also has produced so many problems for life. Here i considers both the side and give conclusion Firstly , technology helps in medical ,manufacture ,transportation and cummunication field . For example mobile phone , aeroplanes are invented with the help of technology . These all make us life easy and comfortable .thus it save time and solve so many problems . Moreover ,computer is the bigest invension of tecnology . It reduced the human workload . Now we can proform multiwork with the help of computer. Even chance of error is also reduced . For example in manufacture single computer base lath machine does multiple work with zero error . Beside that we need many worker and more time for doing same amount of work with few amount of error . On the other hand , technology creates so many problems like pollution , unemployment and health problems for humans beings. For exmple air , voiceand water pollution are incresing due to increasing number of automobile . This is also main reason of globel warminng . As per as human is also realy on computer of mobile phone thus it can reduse physycal work , Beause of that many human fase obesity problems and back problems are being happened due to long setting infront of computers In conclusion , there are mpore advantages of technology then its disadvantages . Even there are some threaten for human life but we can terminate this all due to help of tecnology in future . Some hard step needed to tackel this problemson

Kritika Malhotra
Posted on Aug 12, 2015 2:51 PM

Arctic deer live on islands in Canada’s arctic regions. They search for food by moving over ice from island to island during the course of year. Their habitat is limited to areas warm enough to sustain the plants on which they feed and cold enough, at least some of the year, for the ice to cover the sea separating the islands, allowing the deer to travel over it. Unfortunately according to reports from local hunters, the deer populations are declining. Since the reports coincide with recent global warming trends that have caused the sea ice to melt, we can conclude that the purported decline in deer populations is the result of the deer’s being unable to follow their age old migration patterns across the frozen sea.

The claim that ” the arctic deer population is declining because of global warming and in turn their inability to follow their age-old migration patterns across the frozen sea” has been made on the basis of reports from local hunters and recent global warming trends. On a casual reading the argument seems convincing but the closer scrutiny brings out certain loopholes in the argument. So it seems to be flawed in many places and therefore is non- convincing.
The conclusion has been drawn on the basis of evidence provided by the local hunters. So the conclusion on this basis has been reached in haste as the hunters themselves are responsible for the declining population of arctic deer. There have been no proper evidences, no strong facts or figures been provided which would convince the readers that the claim is right. Proper techniques and methodologies should be delineated for drawing the conclusion.
Furthermore, it cannot be stated that the population is dwindling because of global warming because with global warming the temperatures would rise and the area would become warm enough to sustain vegetation on which the deer feed. So they don’t need to migrate from one place to another in search of food. So this factor further reduces the strength of the argument and making it flimsy.
Also the reports have been compared with recent global warming trends as stated in the argument without any specification of the region of study. So there have been errors in the test method employed. Application of results of larger domain to a limited area is fallacious. So proper test method with due facts, sample quality and quantity should have been specified which would make the conclusion valid.
In the nutshell, it can be stated that the relation between the deer population and global warming is unsubstantiated. The decline in the deer population may be because of the local hunters, and the global warming will in-fact help the deer population as it would lead to less migrations in search of food. Had the above mentioned facts been provided, the argument would have been plausible.

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