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Don’t you consider yourself today more blessed than a counterpart of yours a decade and a half back in a similar age and circumstance?

You may choose to thank your stars for that, but forget to owe as much gratitude to technology that has insinuated itself in your everyday activity.

Retrospect the era devoid of apps. Conjure a situation wherein you happen to be in a place new to you a day prior to your scheduled meeting.

A decade back you’d check into a hotel that would be near, if not nearest to your desired place and you may still need to wake up early next morning to be on time.

Contrast this to today when you check into the same neighborhood just minutes away your place of meet customized in every way to not only your business needs but your interests as well. THIS IS WHAT AIRBNB DOES.

The app scours and sifts its database to present a raft of options – enviable abodes with owners / occupants that share and complement your special interests / hobbies that you are most receptive to indulge in your off-the-work breaks while on long commutes and overnight stays ahead of meetings. So if you are a sports buff, no wonder, you end up sharing company with a scholarly sports journalist, making your rendezvous one of the fondest memories ever.

What does Airbnb benefit by comforting you? Only on your overall satisfying experience (star ratings) , can Airbnb afford to have an assurance that more people like you would opt for their service that would cause them to aggregate more varied and diverse rental spaces that make for an enriching experience. This translates to material gains not only for it but for all who subscribe their spaces to it. The scale that Airbnb has achieved by its teeming space subscriptions has made the concept remarkably affordable – a trifling of a fee that Airbnb charges in face of ever -cumulating gains for all.

Now dwell on all the rigmarole of getting a taxi booked a decade back. Ruffled when a throng of idle, not well-meaning drivers interpose as you talk to one, you trudge back home all the more apprehensive of a confirmed, comforting ride.

Fast forward to today when you move your tiny finger over a glossy surface to secure an instant confirmed booking. THIS IS WHAT OLA AND UBER DO. They train the drivers to keep them and their cabs clean, drive safe, ensure comforting rides to fetch better ratings, in short, add value to their ride. You get to rate the ride quality and pay with a click - no excuses, no bargains, just sure, simple, sweet transaction. Surprisingly, drivers remain super busy and may head to the next-in-queue booking if you happen to keep them waiting, else charge you for that as well; the money credited automatically to their bank accounts by OLA/UBER increasing their propensity to save more.

What do these companies have in common besides, of course, their meteoric ascent?

All have disrupted the tour & travel industry by leveraging technology to convenience the lives of millions of commuters and travelers.

All have exploited data science and analytics to generate growth and scale for their partners while striving to peak their ever-expanding time and space inventory efficiencies.

Ever wondered why you ever hear a curt “No” from a prospect even for a core program you have build expertise on over the years!!

This is mere one odd instance that lays bare a new business reality bitter enough to drive home the logic that there’s far more to coaching than rendering an expert lecture in a classroom. Is it really difficult for you today to meet student expectations – learning apps, remedial tests, predictive tools, assessment solutions, automated attendance / fee management, feedback mechanism, test alerts - that sound outlandish to you??

The leavening effect of technology on pedagogy would perforce a rethink on the stand-alone brick and mortar classroom models with ever increasing student expectations. Businesses cannot survive as water –tight compartments anymore. They have to hand-hold and work as a seamless continuum that expands and spreads and widens its fold to gain the scale, reach, span and efficiency to seize opportunities that otherwise might get lost.

Now envision an interaction at your center wherein a student enquires about a core program, say Bank PO or CAT and feel the high when you say “Yes” to him exuding confidence that all his ‘outlandish’ needs are catered well to help him be what he aspires to. THIS IS WHAT TCY DOES FOR YOU.

It helps small coaching centers with just space and teaching expertise to gear up to a level where they are adequately armored with methodological and technological support - all new age pedagogical tools viz. online content, learning apps, customized remedial tests, real time analytics, an advanced and comprehensive Center Management System - not allowing even a stray student enquiry go astray. Toplines of small centers need not any longer be contingent on seasonal gains led just by popular programs. TCY platform promises capitalization of even long tail off-season opportunities given its 190+categories with over 310 million attempted questions.

Its content – an amalgam of contributions of Subject Experts, Authors & Mentors who are thousands in number – has ensured a fast growing student enrollment of over half a million learners per year. It has fast become a place where cutting edge technology, pedagogy and data science shape the landscape of authoring, publishing, mentoring, test preparation and learning.

Incorporated in 1998, TCY is today poised to reach past thousands of coaching centers with which it would collaborate within the next three to five years at minimal subscription fee!

It is high time that centers woke to the reality in the changed complexion of the education sector where a student wants candid quantified answers to:

1. Where I stand?

2. What next I do to succeed?



PTE Vs. IELTS: Why is PTE Academic slowly gaining ascendancy over IELTS?

Nobody seemed to have heard of PTE Academic until a couple of years back. The only language-based qualifying exam that came to one’s mind for all general migration and for Study Abroad purposes in respect of Europe, Asia-Pacific, even Canada, was IELTS. TOEFL iBT was a distant second as it was more aligned to US-oriented qualifying exams like GRE and GMAT.

And now, all of a sudden, PTE Academic is making waves, and every other aspiring migrant to the West is talking of PTE in the same breath as IELTS. The more ‘aware’ an aspirant is, the more s/he is thinking in terms of PTE Academic. The niche that PTE has made for itself is bound to become the mainstream in foreseeable future, and unless IELTS does something substantive to stem the tide, its popularity is bound to be overtaken by PTE Academic.

The question is why PTE Academic has gained so much of popularity (and acceptability across continents) in such a short period. Here are a few reasons:

How to Make Best Use of NCERT Books

The syllabus released by CBSE is completely based on NCERT. There is a myth among students that NCERT Books are not sufficient for their exam preparation. Hence, they look for other reading sources for their exam prep. In reality, however, NCERT Books are sufficient to prepare for examinations.

Here are some tips on how to make best use of NCERT Books:

Important Paragraphs and Lines: The 1 mark questions in the exams are meant to test the basic conceptual clarity of the students. Hence, it is important to read the important lines given in every chapter that will help solve the complex 1 mark questions in the exams. Students should frame important questions from important lines in every paragraph and revise them during the examination prep.

This Teacher Assistant pushes up marks!

We keep testing a student round the year through formative and summative assessments. We also give him a subject-based score and that calls for a predictive judgment on his future, written boldly on his report card. Are we really monitoring his learning curve or trying to understand as to what is going through his mind? Even if we do, the pressure of syllabus and deadlines don’t allow the empathetic arms to stretch forward and help him individually.

So, in the wonderland of K-12 education in India, the ultimate consumer - the student - goes unheard. But what if we are enabled with a pair of super glasses to peep through each score, opening up a new view into his learning outcome? Yes, we would then be able to solve the various riddles of his performance and realize that every child is unique and so is his learning.

TCYonline gets visual fillip from iDaa, Bookhive

With virtually every other competitive exam in the country going online and students seeking to go beyond simulated testing, India’s Number 1 Test Prep platform, TCYonline is extending its footprint through tie-up arrangements with nation-wide network of established video learning entities and print publishers.

The objective is to offer integrated learning in the form of video tutorials networked with online testing and analytics. The first among the several tie-ups on the cards are with the Hyderabad-based iDaa and the Delhi-based Bookhive India to provide content in the form of videos and tests for different exam categories.

To beef-up its video offering, in addition to regular online testing, the Ludhiana-based EdTech Company has recently joined hands with the renowned multimedia video-content provider firm, iDaa. This tie-up is likely to give the much needed visual fillip to TCY’s K-12 testing program.

As per the agreement, iDaa will provide animated videos initially for Class III - X Math and Science students. This content in 2D/3D animation form is expected to boost students’ learning experience in the home environment too.

Expressing satisfaction over this collaboration, Mr. Rama Shanker, Director iDaa, expressed confidence that the company’s multimedia-based educational content will continue to remain ‘most popular’ through TCY website.

“This educational content, designed and developed under the expert guidance of experienced former NCERT professors, has proven to be useful for the students by making learning an interesting and fun-filled experience,” the Director added.

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