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Prepare for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with us and maximize your score. You will find numerous Sectional Tests that assist in TOEFL preparation. The TOEFL practice tests cater to all skill areas; namely Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing. You can supplement your learning with Video Lessons available on all topics.


Post and discuss tips and tricks for building assertive and convincing arguments

Dhaduk Niketa
Posted 4 days ago

Plz give me rate as soon as for thhis integrated essay. The reading passage and the lecture are both about extinction of dinosaurs which were very huge animals and covered the whole Earth. The author in the reading passage believes that asteroids were causing the death of dinosaurs. The lecturer casts doubt on claims made in the article. He thinks that asteroid did not **** dinosaurs all by itself. To begin with, the author in the reading passage points out that dinosaurs were killed by asteroids that hit the Earth in which they made a hole. As a result, the environment of earth was changed. It is mentioned that asteroid also caused fire, earthquake and volcanic eruption which are the main reasons of death. This idea is challenged by the lecturer. In the lecture, he clearly articulates that it is not the reason which proves the fact. There was drastic change in climate which became colder which was responsible for it. Moreover he argues that seas were drying out and new land appeared that time. In addition to this, the author contends that there was no food because plants died out because of fire. The article notes where in the author states that there was no food for meat eating dinosaurs because most animals were died by asteroids. The lecturer refutes this argument that food is not responsible but some kinds of diseases spread that time in new land. He elaborates and elucidates this by mentioning that dinosaurs were killed by diseases before asteroids came. Finally, the author explains that mammals came after dinosaurs wiped out in the Earth. The lecturer on the other hand dissents that mammals were already there when dinosaurs present and mammals might have eaten their eggs which prevent new born dinosaurs. Moreover, he says that asteroids and other combinations are responsible for extinction of dinosaurs. In conclusion, the lecturer strongly posits and effectively casts doubt on all the claims and theories presented by the author in the article.

Share and discuss some interesting independent reading tasks and also some tricks and strategies to enhance your speaking skills

Sandeep Kaur
Posted 1 year ago

Using the points and examples from the lecture, explain two drawbacks of Safe Drinking Water Act of United States.

Preparation time: 30 sec

Response time: 60 sec

Share and discuss tips to crack dense reading comprehension passages

Rishik Mani
Posted 1 year ago

Why do the educated girls accept the first proposal that comes their way? (Para 4)

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Listening section of TOEFL

Posted 2 years ago

Directions: Placed below are certain species of flora and fauna which would benefit or suffer from human extinction. Put three species under each category out of the species listed below. Two of the options will not be used. Please type your answer as: Would benefit: ______; Would suffer: ________.

Would benefit Would suffer

This thread is dedicated to discuss general TOEFL queries

Posted 2 years ago

"You missed a good chance in your career."

"Yes, I _____ that job when Mr. Johnson offered."

This thread is intended to discuss important terms and terminologies associated with Business language.

Posted 3 years ago

What are the two sites for improving reading section in toefl? grudge report in think.. what are other onces ?

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Grammar section of TOEFL

Abhishek Gunturu
Posted 5 years ago

Our friends will _____ for two nights.