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Prepare for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with us and maximize your score. You will find numerous Sectional Tests that assist in TOEFL preparation. The TOEFL practice tests cater to all skill areas; namely Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing. You can supplement your learning with Video Lessons available on all topics.


This thread is dedicated to preparation for Listening section of TOEFL

Posted 27 days ago

Listen to part of the lecture again and answer the question:

What does the teacher mean by “This was simple physics”?

Post and discuss tips and tricks for building assertive and convincing arguments

Ved Parkash
Posted 4 months ago

Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live. Use specific examples and reasons to support your answer. Technology is changing day by day. It is providing us with innovations which are changing our way of living. Innovations have helped in food sector also. Nowadays it became easier to prepare the food. With the use of technology less time is needed to prepare the food. Nutritive value of food has also increased. Food can be preserved for long time using preservatives. Today, we require less time to prepare the food. New technologies have come which can help us to prepare the food in less time. A lot of time can be saved by using these technologies. We will be more punctual as time required to prepare food has decreased and we donít have to reduce time for other tasks. We will not get late for work as we can prepare food timely. As we can see, earlier it took more time to boil water for preparing tea using gas burner. Nowadays microwave ovens are used which can boil the water in 2 minutes while gas burner takes 10 minutes for doing that. By this much time can be saved using new technologies to prepare the food. This time saving helps us to be punctual for doing other works, like going to office on time. Timely going to bed otherwise it will took more time to prepare food and we will be late for going to sleep. Food technology has helped us to increase the nutritive value of food. Due to more nutritive value, food has helped us to remain healthy. By remaining healthy we can enjoy the life. Otherwise we will be lying on bed due to diseases occurring from deficiencies of several nutrients. Packed foods contain some additives which increase the nutritive value of food. Nutrients deficient in a particular food can be balanced by artificial salts for that nutrient. Thus by eating more nutritive food people will stay health. They can enjoy the life in a better way. They can of their life in a way better way. Other benefit which we can enjoy is that food can be preserved for long time using preservatives. Thus food will be available for long time. For example ready to serve foods require less time to prepare. Also they can be preserved for long time. Real juice is best example for this. Packed juice can be stored for 6 months and we can use that whenever we want. Thus availability of food has increased as it can be preserved for long time. So, we can say that life has changed due to change in food preparing methods. These methods have helped us to get more nutritive food at appropriate time without any delay. Now people donít have to remain hungry. They can prepare their food very easily. If one doesnít know how to prepare food he can use ready to serve food. Thus due to easy preparation of food we will be more punctual and will lead a healthy life further by consuming nutritive food.

Share and discuss some interesting independent reading tasks and also some tricks and strategies to enhance your speaking skills

Ved Parkash
Posted 5 months ago

Name a person whom you truly admire. Describe that person and explain you admire him. I admire Kamalpreet Singh, Who is one of my best friends. I like his way of learning. He listens to every talk with full concentration. By this he is able to learn just by listening. He needs not to study it again to gain from it. He gains by his first attempt from listening only. This thing also influences me to become like him. He is also a brave boy. He does those works which other people it is an impossible task. In my university it is said that to get 9 cgpa out of 10 is difficult. He says everything is possible and he has got 9 cgpa this semester. Choose a place where you would like to go to often. Explain why you like the place. Please include specific details. Ooty Hill station is the place where I would like to go to often. Main Reason for the attraction towards this place is its weather condition. Temperature here remains mild when there are hot weathers conditions at my place. So I want to go that place to enjoy the mild weather. Beauty of the place attracts me. The view at Dodabeta hill top is very awesome. There is huge greenery which keeps my mind fresh. There is a botanical garden where we can see diversity of plant species. Tea gardens also seek our attention towards them which are planted on slope of the hill. Which kind of job would you prefer: a job that is uninteresting but has high salary, or a job you really enjoy with moderate salary with a moderate salary. Satisfaction is the main thing in our life. We should do that which gives us satisfaction. I will be satisfied with moderate salary which is sufficient enough to buy me clothes to cover my body and food to keep me healthy. Also provides me enough time to enjoy the life. Basic needs availability and enjoy should be in a balance. If we want a job with high then it is sure that we going to get less time for enjoy. If salary is low and enjoy is more then we are going to get no fulfillment of basic needs which also give us satisfaction. Things should be in balance.

This thread is dedicated to discuss general TOEFL queries

Simranpreet Kaur Sidhu
Posted 6 months ago

Which of the following best expresses the essential information in this sentence from the passage?

In contrast CIPA places the burden on those who receive federal funds - public libraries and school districts - to ensure that children do not have access to obscene, pornographic, or other harmful images and text.

Share and discuss tips to crack dense reading comprehension passages

Rishik Mani
Posted 2 years ago

Why do the educated girls accept the first proposal that comes their way? (Para 4)

This thread is intended to discuss important terms and terminologies associated with Business language.

Posted 3 years ago

What are the two sites for improving reading section in toefl? grudge report in think.. what are other onces ?

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Grammar section of TOEFL

Abhishek Gunturu
Posted 5 years ago

Our friends will _____ for two nights.