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Top 5 Strategies to ace the GRE Quant Section

Top 5 Strategies to ace the GRE Quant Section

By / Feb 13, 2019

GRE Quant Section

You might think: Why do I need strategies for the Quant section when I am provided with a calculator during the test? Hereís a fact: using the calculator will slow you down, even worse you will be stuck up on just one problem if you donít use it judiciously. Intimidated? No, you shouldnít. Read on for more strategies from TCY on how to ace the GRE Quant section:

1) Get comfortable around numbers: Keep your problems at bay by developing number sense. The point is that your mind should be in number shape come time for the GRE. Or things will be seemingly more difficult for you.

2) Donít rush on Word Problems: Understanding the question is essential as one or two words in the question can radically change the meaning. So, you should spend more time familiarizing yourself with English to Math translation tables.

3) Backsolve when you get numbers: Backsolving is an alternative to the algebraic method that you would have deemed the only correct way. It is really a great way whenever you get answer choices as numerical. For this, start with the answer and plug each one into the question. This improves your chances upto 40% of finding the correct answer.

4) Bring out the smaller shapes in complex figures: Fiendishly tricky geometry questions into parts, redraw them, if possible and find out ways to apply one piece of shape to another.

5) Substitute with numbers: Choose small integers like 2 or 5 to replace abstracts like x, y and z to get the question, provided they fit the definitions in the question.

If you apply these strategies real time, you will breeze through the Quant questions which the ETS throws at you.

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Remember, we here at TCY are committed to your success.

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Last updated on : Dec 03, 2022