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Tips & Strategies to ace the GRE

Tips & Strategies to ace the GRE

By / Feb 13, 2019


Preparing for the GRE can be daunting especially when you have no idea where to begin. To reach your desired score on the GRE, here are some tips and strategies from TCY:

1) Use the right resources: With the ubiquity of alluring GRE study material available, it might be difficult for you to decide which book or resource to prepare from. Probably you might even be thinking of sticking to the official guide but the moment you run out of questions to practice, the preparation chain breaks. So it is better to catch hold of such resources which provide you ample material of the GRE standard that do not have problems which are vaguely worded and is quite similar to the GRE.

By the way, TCY’s complete package of GRE Mock Tests and Practice tests provide you both holistic as well as atomistic testing experience for a well-rounded preparation.

2) Know the GRE exam: You might think getting the fundamentals right is all you need but here’s a quick fact: ETS is infamous for traps! Being obsessed with the fundamentals will prevent you from scoring high on such a high-stake test unless you learn effective techniques like approximation and plugging-in for Quant Comp for the test. For the Verbal section, mugging up a huge list of words with no idea where to use them in context will not be a really great idea. You would have to get out of the test prep books and read material which have the same language as most commonly seen in GRE Verbal section.

3) Time is of the essence: Your preparation should be so concrete that you are not frazzled by the timer which is likely to happen if you don’t prepare in the right manner. Good news, TCY’s tests are timed to let you know the proportion of time that you are spending on a single question. Avoid committing the grave mistake of getting stuck on one question when you can answer the easier ones in less time. You should practice by answering the easier questions first in less time and then spend the rest of the time on the difficult ones.  Getting stuck on a three-blank text completion or reading comprehension question with words like pulchritude and perspicacious (if you don’t know) can be skipped by you to attempt later. Remember, that each question on the GRE carries the same weight so don’t be obsessed with just one difficult question.

4) Work on your weaker areas: Your GRE preparation should not be limited to just taking more and more tests rather it should analyze your strengths and weaknesses. So plan a schedule to overcome your weaker areas by regular practice. TCY’s Analytics and an accurate Score Prediction tool provide you the details of the actionable points and remedial steps to be taken along with measuring your performance for the test.

 Put these steps into practice and notice the difference.

 Remember, we here at TCY are committed to your success.

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Last updated on : May 23, 2022