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TCY-K12: A New Era in Testing Begins Here

TCY-K12: A New Era in Testing Begins Here

By / Feb 13, 2019
It wasn’t just another Sunday morning. Students, who otherwise slept lazily till late into the afternoon, were seen hurrying towards their tuition centres. A new era in Testing had begun. Nobody wanted to miss a piece of the action. TCY-K12 Scholarship Test was the perfect blend of Technology & Learning. It was the first time that Subjective Tests were being conducted for a scholarship exam. What added to the excitement was that these papers would be checked objectively - using the CBSE scoring pattern: Step Marking Scheme. These papers would predict how they are going to perform in the school and boards. The benefits didn’t stop at that. The paper would be analysed to point out the type of errors committed and how students could improve their performance, through an individualised feedback for each student. Students taking test at a Test CentreStudents taking test at a Test Centre The students were pleasantly surprised to see marvellous construct of the papers. Every question was aligned to CBSE pattern and rigour. Many questions were probing and required higher order thinking skills reflecting the recent reforms CBSE introduced in constructing the papers. The very same evening students were glued to their smartphones to view the solutions and marking scheme on the TCY-K12 app. It was a first time experience for all. “We never thought testing could be so high-tech. It is so transparent. I am eagerly waiting for the results”, quipped Jhanvi and friends who took the test at Karnal, Haryana The process at the backend is even more sophisticated and exciting, revealed Kamal Wadhera, CEO and Founder. “These papers are scanned and uploaded into TCY Servers, and then accessed by a set of trained and certified paper evaluators who would check the papers on screen using a proprietary paper-checking panel. All errors committed by students are recorded. Then the papers are re-evaluated by a quality checker before the reports are generated”. Paper Checking in Progress at a Centralised Evaluation Centre Paper Checking in Progress at a Centralised Evaluation Centre The excitement refuses to die down. TCY-K12 is now offering the students four free tests. These tests can be accessed on their smart phones and can be taken on sheets that are later uploaded using their app. Students will get their results in 3 days. “I think this is going to transform altogether our approach towards testing. It is now so easy to conduct tests. I am going to implement weekly testing in my tuition centre, using K-12”, comments Rajan Gupta, a tutor from Chandigarh.
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