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Great Results Possible If Remedial Actions Follow Accurate AI-Evaluation

Great Results Possible If Remedial Actions Follow Accurate AI-Evaluation

Great Results Possible If Remedial Actions Follow Accurate AI-Evaluation

By Admin / May 23, 2022


A student's exam preparation cycle is like a trajectory that requires continuous course corrections at different intervals, and this is possible only if the students know every day:

Where they stand 
What next to do to succeed

The purpose of assessment is to clearly define a student's position in this learning trajectory for every stakeholder involved in the teaching-learning process so that timely remedial action happens.

So, assessments should give immediate feedback on how the students perform vis-a-vis the learning objectives. TCY's assessments are tagged to definite learning objectives. The assessments give immediate results even for exams with open-ended questions where AI evaluation takes over and provides accurate results immediately, which would otherwise take days when a human rater evaluates.

Ideally, the post-test feedback should trigger further action by sharing remedial recommendations based on the student's performance. TCY goes one step further by generating automated remedial practice for the students and providing them with pinpointed remedial actions, which helps them identify their level of preparation at each stage of the learning process.

The teachers require information on the knowledge gaps of individual students to give personalized attention to their students. They would also require analysis at the class as a cohort level which can help them plan remedial measures on common knowledge gaps.

TCY's reports for teachers take care of their unique needs. The teachers get student-level feedback as well as class-level feedback. The teachers are also able to do a data-driven discussion of the questions in the test where the performance statistics of students on every question assist the teacher in their discussion.

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Students should join a coaching center that uses TCY's learning objectives-based test preparation solutions and assessments with complete peace of mind or check if all the above-discussed parameters meet the assessments used by the institutes they wish to join.

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Last updated on : Oct 01, 2023