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Now, Reservations for Men?

Now, Reservations for Men?

Now, Reservations for Men?

By Admin / Feb 21, 2020


Researchers from Punjab University, Chandigarh in association with TCY Data Science experts churned out the data reservoir of TCY to come up with some really exciting demographic insights and trends.

Though India has a history of producing outstanding women scientists and mathematicians, including Rukhmabai ( Lady doctor, 1894); Janaki Ammal (Botany, 1925); Asima Chatterjee (Organic chemistry, 1944); Kamla Sohonie (Biochemistry, 1939); and, Rajeshwari Chatterji (Engineering, 1943), the gender disparity in Higher education is very evident in IITs and other Technology Institutions of Eminence in India. It is also a fact that only 24-25% of the aspirants in exams like JEE mains are girls. One of the reasons could be the prevalent notions about the potential of women to excel in Technology and Mathematics in Society.

Today 11th February is International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2020, an apt time to release these studies which examine who between men and women perform better when it comes to the skills required to excel in top competitive exams. It also examined some of the common notions that correlate gender with cognitive skills. For this analysis, the original databank was divided into two segments based on gender. The sample consisted of over 48,000 students drawn from every nook and corner of the country preparing for various competitive exams on TCY Platform. The chart below shows the number of men and women available for this study across all the skill categories, their average score and standard deviation. The null hypothesis, “There is no significant difference in the performance of men vs. women across various skill categories”, was tested using a two-sided t-test.

A common notion is that men are better at Math. The results of this study, however, contradict this by revealing that women are in fact better at Math. Another common notion is that women are endowed with better verbal skills. However, this study busts this myth and shows that there is no significant difference between men and women as far as verbal skills are concerned.

From the above table, it can be seen that both men and women perform equally well in skill categories such as Logical Thinking, Analytical Thinking, Critical Thinking, Reading Comprehension, English Vocabulary, English Grammar & Usage, and Scientific Aptitude.

However, women tend to perform fairly better than men in the remaining categories.

Good going ladies! The Gentlemen it appears need to toil harder!



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Last updated on : Oct 03, 2023