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Why JEE/NEET Centres See Unprecedented Growth With TCY?

Why JEE/NEET Centres See Unprecedented Growth With TCY?

Why JEE/NEET Centres See Unprecedented Growth With TCY?

By Admin / Mar 25, 2021

Preparing Locally Competing Nationally

No Exam can match the rigor, pressure, and aspirational value of JEE and NEET exams in India. It is an exam where the competition is always at the national level, but the preparation and benchmarking happen at the institute level. So, many hearts get broken when the national test series scores starts showing the real picture. Even if the student joins a national chain s/he has to wait till the end of preparation for the mock tests for any national ranking but sadly the game is over by then. However, all those Institutes that use TCY platform, are able to give ranking to their students right from day-1, even on the topic tests. The true picture keeps all the stakeholders aligned and happy thereby making the coaching centre highly sought after. 

The Pandemic Brings In a Technology Shift

JEE/NEET is one market where incumbents and new centres compete & co-exist. Lately, the pandemic has tilted the balance in favor of institutes that always displayed a tech-friendly attitude. With the classroom model oscillating between online and offline and finally settling in a hybrid model, technology has become inevitable in the teaching-learning process in these institutes and TCY brings the whole suite of integrated Courseware along with the technology required to beat even the national chains.

Gold Becomes Diamond

Every coaching center takes pride in their tests and study material that they provide to their students. The content is designed to match the unique teaching patterns and styles of the founding teachers. When these coaching centers partner with TCY they get an opportunity to take their unique content to the next level. They can now easily upload it on TCY platform so that they can build Analytics around it. They can use it as practice tests or assignments delivered through pen-paper, laptops, or mobile app. They can even run it as mock tests in a simulated environment. The data built around these questions gives insights for benchmarking and rank prediction. 

Quantity Without Compromising Quality

The amount of practice required to ace NEET and JEE is tremendous; the amount of content never seems to be enough. The more practice your student gets, the more they move towards success, and in this word-of-mouth-driven market, success of past students is what drives more enrollments in the classroom. For this, TCY provides a highly effective tool called Test Generator to all its partnering coaching institutes. 

TCY’s Test Generator provides flexibility to the coaching institutes while they are assigning tests to the students. There’s a reason why it is the most-liked and popular tool offered. Teachers can create different types of tests for their students. Tests can be customized according to difficulty, time pressure, weightage of topics, and subtopics. Students even have the access to this asset and they can practice as much as they like. The question bank provided by TCY is exhaustive. Sky is the limit when it comes to the number of tests that can be designed. 

Daily Practice to Daily Remedial Practice

JEE and NEET coaching industry is known for giving Daily Practice Tests (DPTs) to the students. Now TCY partnering coaching centers are taking it to the next level! You don’t just give them daily practice tests, but also ensure these tests are individualized to address their weak areas. Smart algorithms automatically identify students’ weak areas and send remedial tests to them. So your individualized DPTs are not just very effective and innovative but also demand no time and effort from your side. You just have to track the progress of each student. It’s that simple!

It Can’t Get Any Real More Than This

Most of the JEE aspirants would be taking an online test for the first time in their life. It is very important that they should be familiar with the test interface and must have a clear-cut idea of how each button functions, what options are available, the technicalities, and the other intricacies beforehand. This would help students remain calm and not get overwhelmed because of being unaware. Panic or anxiety could be dangerous in such exams where a difference of even half a mark can make an impactful difference.

All Exams One Institute

It is also a known fact that students keep a variety of options open while appearing for a test. For example, a student appearing for engineering entrance would target exams of other famous engineering institutes like VIT, BITS, etc. Similarly, medical aspirants also take a variety of tests including admission to Agriculture and Veterinary undergraduate programs. TCY offers its coaching centers a whole suite of test package for the students so that the Partner coaching centers can touch new levels of satisfaction where practice on every test that they are taking is available in their Institute. It is already proving to be a big differentiator for partner centers in their market, with even competitors’ students joining in for these niche exams’ practice.

Assessing the exam prep solution that you’re offering to your students can be a daunting task, but it is a necessary process. Therefore, for a coaching institute, it becomes mandatory to understand the preparation needs of their students and to streamline the assessment methods. These digital tools offered by TCY work wonders in two ways - one, they track the overall performance of the students, and two, they ensure that your students are competent enough by practising on the weaker areas repeatedly. 

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Last updated on : Dec 04, 2023