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PG in computer science and BE in Electronics. More then 13 years of teaching experience in teaching B.Tech and 4 years in teaching And around 20 years of Industry experience. For last 6 years , handling students projects in electronics. Favorite subjects are Analog electronics, Operational amplifiers and their applications, Signal processing, Data structure, System software, . Test category is Gate, IT,, BCA, MCA etc.

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Vinod Kataria
Posted on May 21, 2016 12:37 PM

Need for OS and RTOS in embedded system: Like other computer system embedded system also interact with I/O devices such as keypad, display unit, Input scanning , output control , data communication etc. The OS provide such services when the user program becomes complex and multitasking. Embedded systems are now becoming complex and able to control more then one activity related to the single dedicated task for which the system is designed. Hence to communicate with peripherals like display systems , keypads, Input parameters , output control signals , Transferring data on networks or internet etc. the OS is very much required.Hence embedded system requires OS. RTOS for embedded system: Hence for real time embedded system one requires RTOS.

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Vinod Kataria
Posted on May 14, 2016 1:55 PM

Real time system: Definition: real time system can be explained by observing following : 1. Real Time Activity: An event occurring at a time may be IST or GMT i.e. an event occurring at 10.45 Am (IST) is a real time activity. 2. Real time response: The event occurring at 10.45 Am(IST) is recognized by receiver at 10.45 Am(IST) and start performing immediately according to the requirement is a real time response to that event. 3. Real time result(output): The real time response from receiver produces the desired result of the event with in allocated time period (i.e receiver responded to the event in real time.) This is real time response or result or output. The operation 1,2,&3 together provide provides a real time response. Notice here : delay is not accepted here even for few neon seconds .If there is slight delay may be few nanosecond in the response then the operation is non real time. This response is also called hard real time response. A machine/System performing 1,2, & 3 above perfectly then the machine / System is real time machine/system. To be precise it will be hard real time machine /system. There are some activities in which a delay of few micro seconds or few seconds etc. do not disturb the net result or net response of the event and strictly follows the 1,2,&3 of above and strictly finishes the work with in acceptable delay , then this is also a real time activity and system performing it is real time system. But this is soft real time system. Q: An Embedded system is designed to control the lending of an aero plane i.e. Immediate control is required when the plan attains the desired altitude from ground , the system must activate the required controls to reduce the speed of the plane at the desired speed , so that the lending will be safe. The time allowed to the system to reduce the speed is 2 sec. only. Plane could not be controlled if the speed is not attained with in 2 sec. and it will crash to the ground. The question is , which type of the system is this? 1) Normal real time embedded system 2) Hard real time system 2) General control system 3) Soft real time system The answer is that it is a hard real time system since the response is required in real time i.e. if speed control is required by the plane at 6.00 Am for lending then speed must be controlled before 6.02 Am. Other wise the plane will crash. This satisfies the definition of hard real time system.

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Vinod Kataria
Posted on Apr 28, 2016 1:15 PM

Embedded system Definition: Systems which posses mandatorily the following characteristics: 1. The system should be stand alone. 2. It must perform one specific task and should perform it repetitively. 3. The defined one specific task can have more than one sub tasks. Those systems which can perform more than one tasks are not Embedded systems such as personal computers. These can not satisfy the above thre mandatory requirement. Smart peripherals such as stand-alone Printer or self activated Actuator can be classified as embedded systems. Q. Can embedded system require multitasking environment ANS. Yes it can have multi tasking environment. The definition of embedded system says that it should perform one specific and dedicated task but such task can have more then 1 sub tasks or the original task can be divided in to more then one task (Task division feature of OS) and such divided tasks may need multitasking environment. E.g. a multi wash tub + rinse tub commercial washing machine required to wash a large quantity of similar cloths of a big hotel will need OS/RTOS having multitasking environment.

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Vinod Kataria
Posted on Nov 29, 2013 9:16 AM

Will Information Technology section get a big boost , if Modi Comes in power ? Comments required. I hope for a boost. Kataria

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Vinod Kataria
Posted on Aug 24, 2013 10:44 AM

Embedded Systems 1 : Download

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