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Prakash Verma
Posted on Mar 19, 2019 3:31 PM

20 Idioms about Death: 1. as dead as a dodo - totally dead/extinct 2. as dead as a door nail - obviously dead 3. belly-up - dead 4. beyond the veil - in the unknown state of life after death 5. dropping like flies - dying in large numbers 6. food for worms/worm food - a dead (and buried) person 7. gone to glory - gone to death or destruction 8. pushing up the daisies - dead and buried 9. six feet under - dead and buried 10. sleeping with the fishes - dead 11. snuffed out - killed suddenly 12. someone\'s number\'s up/hour\'s come - the time has come when someone is doomed to death, suffering, or disaster 13. to be on one\'s last legs - to be approaching the end of one\'s life 14. to come to/meet a sticky end - to die in an unpleasant way due to the consequences of ill-judged actions 15. to croak - to die 16. to have one foot in the grave - to be near death due to old age or illness 17. to kick the bucket - to die 18. to make the ultimate sacrifice - to give one\'s life to a cause or to help someone else 19. to pop one\'s clogs - to die 20. wiped out - extinct

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Shared a Question On India Against Corruption
Prakash Verma
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Prakash Verma
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