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Logical Reasoning

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This page will keep you updated with questions relating to logical reasoning. You will be made to run through all types of questions generally asked to make you aware of the different types and areas covered for various entrance exams for MBA aspirants.

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Posted on Jul 16, 2013 2:27 PM

the question is based on following data. each of these questions consists of six statements followed by four sets of three statements each. Select as your answer the set in which the third statement can be logically concluded from the first two statements. a. Some players are crazy b. some players are slow swimmers c. some slow swimmers are motivated d. all motivated are players e. all slow swimmers are crazy f. some motivated are crazy 1) abe 2) aeb 3) cef 4) fec choice (1) is not true as both premises are particular. choice (2) is not true as the middle term is not distributed. choice (3) is true as it violates none of the conditions. choice (4) is not true as the middle term is not distributed.

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