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Oct 2022

Feb 07, 2023

ISRO Plans to Develop Astronaut Training Module with IIT Madras

  • ISRO and Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) plan to develop a training module for the Indian Spaceflight Programme using Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality (AR / VR / MR). ISRO aims to utilise the advanced technologies created at the newly-established eXperiential Technology Innovation Centre (XTIC) at IIT Madras to promote Research and Development (R&D) in the domain of Extended Reality.
  • A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between ISRO and IIT Madras for collaboration on the application of Extended Reality (XR) and other technologies in the Indian Human Spaceflight Program.

Feb 06, 2023

SpaceX Awarded Shared NASA Contract Worth up to $100 Million

  • Space Exploration Technologies Corp. is part of a payload contract NASA has awarded for as much as $100 million over a decade. Elon Musk's rocket launch and satellite operator will share the contract for unspecified "commercial payload processing services with Astrotech Space Operations LLC, a unit of Lockheed Martin Corp. The deal is for payload processing, which involves preparing spacecraft to be flown on top of a rocket ahead of a flight to space.
  • The uncrewed missions will be launched out of Cape Canaveral, Florida, or Vandenberg Space Force Base in California and the contract could run for as many as 10 years through February of 2033, NASA said. The missions that SpaceX and Astrotech will work on involve launching satellites to observe the Earth or spacecraft that visit deep-space destinations in the Solar System.

Jupiter Beats Saturn to Become the Planet with most Moons

  • Astronomers made a groundbreaking discovery beyond Earth's orbit by discovering 12 new moons around Jupiter. Previously held by Saturn, the gas giant has overtaken Saturn as the planet with the most moons. Jupiter has 92 moons, much more than Saturn's 83.
  • Astronomer Scott Sheppard of Washington's Carnegie Institution for Science made the observations that uncovered the dozen new moons.
  • They were discovered using telescopes in Hawaii and Chile in 2021 and 2022, and their orbits were confirmed with follow-up observations.
  • These newest moons range in size from 0.6 miles to 2 miles (1 kilometre to 3 kilometres), according to Sheppard.

Feb 05, 2023

Azad Engineering is India's First Supplier of Parts for Nuclear Turbines

  • Azad Engineering Private Limited, a Hyderabad-based market leader in precision engineering, was approved as the first Indian company to supply critical rotating parts for nuclear turbines.
  • The company delivered its first set of critical parts. These will now be assembled on nuclear turbines manufactured in Belfort, France.
  • Azad Engineering signed a long-term supply agreement with General Electric (GE) Steam Power for the supply of nuclear turbine parts. This, the company said, opens up a very big supply opportunity.

Feb 03, 2023

NASA, IBM team up to Develop AI-based Models to Spur New Earth Discoveries

  • NASA and IBM collaborated to develop artificial intelligence (AI) based models that will make it easier to mine vast datasets to advance scientific knowledge about Earth, and help the world to adapt to a changing environment.
  • The joint work will apply AI foundation model technology to NASA's Earth-observing satellite data for the first time.
  • Foundation models are types of AI models that are trained on a broad set of unlabelled data, can be used for different tasks, and can apply information about one situation to another.

Feb 02, 2023

DCPCR Launches WhatsApp Chatbot to Make Governance Citizen-friendly

  • The Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights launched its WhatsApp chatbot with Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, terming it an important initiative to make governance citizen-friendly.
  • The chatbot, called 'Bal Mitra', is an effort to enable two-way communication between people and the child rights panel. The chatbot will help citizens and the commission to interact more effectively.
  • Some of the features of the chatbot include complaint registration, searching information and tracking complaint status, and seeking information on admissions, among others.
  • Along with providing authentic information on various matters related to children and their rights, the chatbot will also ensure the confidentiality of the matters reported through it.
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