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ART AND CULTURE - November 2019

Nov 2019

Nov 29, 2019

Mozart Childhood Portrait Sold for €4m at Paris Auction

  •  A rare portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart aged 13 has fetched €4m (£3.4m; $4.4m) at a Christie's auction in Paris - far more than had been expected.
  • It shows the Austrian musical prodigy playing a harpsichord during a tour of Italy in January 1770.
  • Christie's says the composer and his father were staying in Verona with Pietro Lugiati, a top official in the Republic of Venice. An admirer of Mozart, he commissioned the painting.
  • It is attributed to a Veronese artist.
  • As per Astrid Centner, head of the auction house's Old Masters department in Paris, tt was most probably painted by the Veronese master Giambettino Cignaroli, who was Lugiati's cousin.

China-Bulgaria Art Exhibition Opens in Sofia

  •   A joint exhibition of works by professors from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing and the National Academy of Art (NAA) opened in Sofia.
  • The eight-week exhibition, which is titled "Silk Road: from Tradition to Contemporaneity" and dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Bulgaria, features works of 40 Bulgarian and 51 Chinese professors.
  • The works are a wonderful embodiment of the long-standing friendship between China and Bulgaria.
  • Yue Jieqiong, director of CAFA's Office for Collaborative Innovation Centre, said that the exhibition, which is held in the National Gallery, features works from different disciplines in the two educational institutions.

Nov 25, 2019

Guj Harappans were First 'Climate Refugees'

  •  The latest excavations at the Karim Shahi and Vigakot sites in Gujarat, dating back to 2,100 BCE and 5th century CE, right on the Kutch-Pakistan international border, have shed light on how climate change in the post-Harappan period in the Kutch region affected ancient human settlements.
  • A team of scientists from IIT-Kharagpur, Deccan College, PRL Ahmedabad, University of Calcutta, and Kachchh University, said the sites may help narrate the story of one of the first climate refugees following decline in rainfall, drying up of rivers, and changing weather patterns, which probably led to migration of settlements.
  • The team published findings of their excavations at Karim Shahi and Vigakot over past three years – estimating the age of the settlements in the range of 3,100-2,300 years before present time (BP) and1,500-1,900 BP respectively.
  • Natural climate change drove out people from their original places. The UN today calls them 'climate refugees'.
  • Gujarat has some of the prominent Harappan sites in India including Dholavira and Lothal, which are nearly 350km from Karim Shahi and Vigakot, which represent the zenith of the Harappan culture. But few sites have depicted cultural continuation after the late Harappan period (1,300 BCE) in the region. Sarkar is among the 13 authors of the research paper on new evidence of early Iron Age to Medieval settlements from the southern fringe of Thar desert and implications to climate-culture co-evolution.
  • The paper argues that reduction in south Asian monsoon is long held responsible for demise of the Harappan settlements or relocation of settlement thereafter.

Original Batman, Robin Costumes to be Auctioned

  •  A pair of Batman and Robin outfits, described as the only known complete costumes worn on the 1960s television show, is going up for auction in Los Angeles and the owner is determined that his childhood comic book heroes stay together. The costumes, worn by actors Adam West and Burt Ward, are just two of more than 200 items of 1960s pop culture being sold from the collection amassed by American John Azarian over 30 years. The Batman and Robin costumes, complete with capes, masks, boots, gloves and tights, are expected to fetch between $150,000 and $200,000 at the December 17, 2019 auction. 

Nov 24, 2019

Union Min Inaugurated Destination North East Festival At Varanasi

  •  The Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) Dr Jitendra Singh will inaugurate the 'Destination North East' Festival at IIT BHU grounds in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh on 23 November 2019. The festival is being organised by the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), Government of India. The Secretary (DoNER)Inderjit Singh and Secretary (NEC) K Moses Chalai will also attend the event.
  • Singh recently launched the theme song of the festival. This is going to be a four-day event from 23 to 26 November. The previous editions of 'Destination North East' were held in Delhi and Chandigarh. Destination North East 2019 will provide live experience to the audience. All 8 states will be present at the event along with their handicrafts, handloom, organic products and cultural troupes.

Egypt Animal Mummies Showcased At Saqqara Near Cairo

  •  In Egypt, a large cache of mummified animals, found in an ancient Egyptian necropolis, have been displayed for the first time near the Capital Cairo.
  • Archaeologists discovered the trove last year, near the Step Pyramid of Saqqara, south of the capital. They uncovered hundreds of artefacts, including masks, statues and mummified cats, crocodiles, cobras and birds.
  • Egypt's Ministry of Antiques said, tests are being carried out to verify whether two of the mummified animals are lion cubs.
  • Unlike mummified cats, which are frequently found by archaeologists, the discovery of intact lions is considered rare.

IFFI 2019: Masterclass On The Art Of Visual Effects Conducted By V Srinivas Mohan

  •  The international film festival of India, IFFI, is going ahead full throttle in Goa. Delegates have enjoyed almost a week of films and filmmaking activities. 
  • A session on Visual effects held today in Panjim - a Masterclass on The Art of Visual Effects was conducted this afternoon by National award-winning Visual effects designer,  V Srinivas Mohan. He has worked for films like 2.0 and Baahubali. He was addressing an audience full of film students as he told them about modern techniques. In the film 2.0, the virtual camera was used and operated remotely to get stunning effects.

Nov 23, 2019

Carved Rock Found in Jordan may be the Oldest known Chess Piece

  •  A palm-sized sandstone object found in 1991 at an Early Islamic trading outpost in what's now southern Jordan appears to be the oldest known chess piece.
  • This roughly 1,300-year-old rectangular piece of rock with two hornlike projections on top resembles several rooks, also known as castles, that have been found at other Islamic sites in the region.
  • But those other rooks date to a century or more later, John Oleson, an archaeologist at the University of Victoria in Canada, said.
  • He presented his analysis of the carved rock on November 21, 2019 at the annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research.

50th IFFI Introduces Section on Silent Film Viewing with Live Music

  •  The International Film Festival of India is celebrating its Golden Jubilee Edition in seaside Goa. The Festival witnessed the inauguration of a specially curated section which pays tribute to silent films viewing with live music.
  • The 50th IFFI has introduced a section on silent film viewing with live music. Live music with silent films has its own history. Earlier, films would be conceptualized as a visual spectacle without sound.
  • The only sound would be the live music which would accompany a particular film's screening at a particular place by an esteemed music composer. With the advent of sound films, this feature of the film viewing experience soon faded out.
  • This year's IFFI will witness the very significance that a silent film plays. The specially curated section which pays tribute to this lost form of film viewing was inaugurated at Kala Academy, Panaji. The inauguration was followed by the screening of the 1925 Soviet film Battleship Potemkin.

Jal Shakti Minister Releases Short Documentary Film on Water Conservation named 'SHIKHAR SE PUKAR'

  •  Union Minister for Jal Shakti Gajendra Singh Shekhawat released a short documentary film on Water Conservation named 'SHIKHAR SE PUKAR' in New Delhi.
  • The film has been made to promote 'Jalshakti Abhiyan' and is based on the Journey of an IAS Officer Ravindra Kumar, who climbed Everest in 2019 to attract the attention of people from top of the Everest on the serious issue of Water Conservation and stopping Water Pollution.
  • Film also gives a glimpse on the significance of Himalaya as the main source of water needs of India by means of the river. It also picturizes the difficulties and challenges in climbing the highest peak of the world. 

Nov 22, 2019

World's First Muslim Yoga Camp Starts At Kotdwar

  •  The first Muslim Yoga Sadhna camp in the world began at Kotdwar. Kotdwar would be renamed Kanvanagari Kotdwar.
  • Rawat inaugurated the five-day Yoga camp for Muslims at the Kotdwar Vedic Ashram Gurukul Mahavidyalay on the occasion of the institution's golden jubilee. More than 500 Muslim women and men from across India and abroad are participating in the event.
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