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Mar 2019

Mar 30, 2019

Debris from Anti-satellite Test

  • The satellite targeted with an Anti-Satellite (ASAT) missile under Mission Shakti has broken up into at least 270 pieces, most of which are expected to disintegrate within 45 days.
  • One of them is a large piece that has been deorbited and is estimated to be completely degraded by April 5," the official said. The rest of the pieces are estimated to disintegrate in less than 45 days, he stated.
  • Being in the Low Earth Orbit, the debris would fall towards Earth and burn up as soon as they enter the atmosphere.

Mar 27, 2019

 NASA Scraps All-women Space Walk

  •  The US space agency NASA scrapped a planned historic spacewalk by two women astronauts, citing a lack of available spacesuits that would fit them at the International Space Station.
  • Christina Koch will now perform tasks in space with fellow American Nick Hague, instead of Anne McClain as originally planned.
  • Had Koch and McClain done their spacewalk together, it would have been the first ever by two women astronauts.
  • Until now, male-only or mixed male-female teams had conducted spacewalk since the space station was assembled in 1998, 214 spacewalks until now.

Mar 24, 2019

India to Launch Electronic Intelligence Satellite

  •  In April, India will launch an electronic intelligence satellite Emisat for the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) along with 28 third-party satellites and also demonstrate its new technologies like three different orbits with a new variant of PSLV rocket.
  • The new variant of its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket will first put the 436 kg Emisat into a 749 km orbit.
  • After that, the rocket will be brought down to put into orbit the 28 satellites at an altitude of 504 km.

Mar 23, 2019

Robot Watchman to Monitor Illegal Activities

  •  A residential community in China's capital Beijing has adopted a first-of-its-kind robot watchman that integrates facial recognition, man-machine communication and infrared thermal imagery, replacing human night patrol.
  • Robot Meibao not only monitors illegal activities but also provides useful information to residents at the Meiyuan community in Beijing, Liu Gangjun.
  • The robot is being tested from December 2018 to April 2019.
  • It was developed by the BAACI with the support of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.

Mar 20, 2019

Kit to Identify Genetically Fit Sperms for IVF

  •  In what could prove to be a significant breakthrough in In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) technique, a scientist associated with Lucknow-based Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) has come up with a kit capable of identifying  genetically fit sperms.
  • The single-use kit, which will hit the market by mid-2020, can help in identification of epigenetic markers on the DNA of the sperm.
  • Through these markers, we can establish whether the DNA is genetically fit or not.
  • Dr. Rajender Singh along with his team is credited with the innovation.
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