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English Preparation for CTET

(8 Posts)

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Language I (English) section of CTET.

Question should not exceed 100 characters.Use add options for multiple choice questions and "Uploadimage/Add related data" for passage text papers.
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Harmeet Bhatia
Shared from CTET Mock - 3 on Jul 03, 2019 6:57 PM

Many of the students are quite weak in their studies. What do you think is/are the possible reason(s) responsible for this?

Their lack of interest towards studies
Their poor health
Their timid nature
All of the above
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Poor health can also affect the studies. i think correct answer is 4th.

Pooja Rathore
Posted on Jun 26, 2019 6:52 AM

I choose English as a second language so please provide mock test for second language

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Ritu Garg
Shared from CTET Mock (Math & Science) - 1 on Apr 13, 2019 12:21 PM

A fellow traveller at the airport has just finished reading the newspaper and you want him/her to pass it to you. Choose how you will make the request.

Pass me the newspaper.
Pass me the newspaper, please.
Can you pass me the newspaper?
Could you possibly pass me the newspaper?
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Using "Could" is more humble then why my answer is incorrect?

Navya S
Shared from Teaching Potential - 10 on Nov 21, 2018 1:37 PM

If a student is weak in mathematics but doing well in the other subjects, what will you do?

Ask him to work hard in mathematics
Ask him to be more attentive in the mathematics class
Exchange views with his parents on this matter
Find out his particular weakness
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As a teacher first we recognise the weakness

Navya S
Shared from Teaching Aptitude - 8 on Nov 20, 2018 5:21 PM

The principal should seek cooperation of teachers through

his official power
partial benefits
all of the above
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What is the meaning of charisma ?