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General Ability (English) Preparation for Fashion Design entrance exams

(23 Posts)

This thread is dedicated to preparation for General Ability (English) section of Fashion Design entrance exams like NIFT and FDDI. You may share questions related to topics like Synonyms / Word Meanings, Antonyms, Sentence Completion, Error Identification, Spellings, Idioms and phrases, Odd Word Out etc.

Question should not exceed 100 characters.Use add options for multiple choice questions and "Uploadimage/Add related data" for passage text papers.
Question should be at least 10 characters long.
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Rashmi Sharma
Shared from NIFT 1 on Feb 13, 2016 5:10 PM

Direction: In the following question, four words or phrases have been underlined in a sentence. Only one underlined part in the sentence is not acceptable in standard English. Pick up the part (A), (B), (C) or (D).

This is the third (A) communication we have (B) sent and (C) we are very surprised that we have received. (D) no answer

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We are

Rahul Kapoor
Shared from Grammar Revision Test (Level: Easy) on Nov 03, 2015 7:14 PM

Directions: Identify the part having an error. If no part has an error, mark (5).

The urgent need to improve training measure
for pilots
is something which experts have
stressed time and again
No error
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Right ans is 3

Akshdeep Singh
Shared from Sentence Completion (Prepositions) on Oct 03, 2015 6:19 PM

Directions: Fill in the blank with the most appropriate preposition.

Please take your hand ____ my shoulder.

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Ankush Sharma
Shared from NIFT 1 on Oct 03, 2015 6:16 PM

Directions: Choose a word or phrase, which is opposite in meaning to the given word.


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Right ans is 3

Martin B Victor
Posted on Apr 20, 2015 6:19 PM

Directions: Choose the most appropriate word/phrase and fill in the blank.

__________ the power vested in me, I here by order.

In case of
By dint of
By virtue of
In consequence of
Owing to
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Both answer and solution are correct. The idiomatic phrase is correct in this usage.