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Mock tests for Jharkhand Public Service Commission Preliminary Examination. The section comprises specific questions from General Studies, History, Economics and Science as well as Current Affairs of National Importance. It also includes detailed solutions and analysis at the end of the practice test.


This thread is created to discuss any type of query related to preparation for General studies for Jharkhad Public Service Commission (JPSC) examination.

Sumit Anand
Posted 1 year ago

Match List - I (Ores) with List - Il (States where they are mined) and select the correct answer:

List - I (Ores) List - Il (States where they are mined)
A. Manganese 1. Madhya Pradesh
B. Nickel 2. Odisha
C. Lead-zinc 3. Rajasthan
D. Asbestos 4. Andhra Pradesh