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Here find Brain Teasers, Mental Ability and other such logical aptitude tests.


This thread is dedicated to discuss general IQ queries

Paramdeep Sahni
Posted 2 months ago

A man buys grocery worth Rs. 200 from a shop. The shopkeeper sells the goods with zero profit. The man gives him 1000 Rupees note. The shopkeeper doesn’t have change with him so he gets the change from the neighbouring shopkeeper and keeps Rs. 200 for himself and returns Rs. 800 to the man. Later the shopkeeper of the neighbouring shop comes with the same 1000 Rs. note saying "FAKE" and takes his money back and returns the fake note to him. Now the shopkeeper was puzzled as how much was the LOSS for him in this entire transaction. Can you tell the actual LOSS amount?

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Mental Ability section of IQ tests like Mensa.

Saisruthy Ramesh
Posted 30 days ago

Aptitude type of questions

Vikas Yadav
Posted 2 months ago

Mcq on money and credit

Posted 3 years ago

Directions: In the text below some words are missing. Choose the correct word to fill each blank from the box below. There are more words than you need to complete the exercise.

There are the pessimists, largely the biologists who think that we are alone, that the appearance of life on Earth is a Blank 1 of such Blank 2 events that not even the astronomical numbers can compensate for it. The Blank 3 are impressed by the vastness of the universe and think otherwise. For them, it is the belief that once we know how life originates we will find it not such a rare Blank 4.