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B Ed/M Ed entrance exam is conducted separately by various colleges and universities. The subjects usually include General English, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Educational and General Awareness, and Subject Competence. Graduation is must for admission in B Ed. For M Ed, one must have B Ed or any other equivalent degree. Here, you can find complete preparation material for the exam.


Dibakara Sahu
Posted 5 months ago

Can anyone give me the syllabus of koraput b end please if anyone have

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Teaching Potential section of B.Ed /M.Ed

Posted 6 months ago

Who is the father of Lok sabha

This thread is dedicated to discuss general B.Ed /M.Ed queries

Posted 1 year ago

Common salt is

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Mental Ability section of B.Ed /M.Ed.

Rupali Sriwastawa
Posted 1 year ago

How to prepare ga plz help 20 marks ga ,,... my exam on 11-7-2016 help for important for ga

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Mathematics section of B.Ed /M.Ed.

Akshdeep Singh
Posted 2 years ago

? * 20 * 0.2/16 = 100. The value of '?' is

This thread is dedicated to preparation for English section of B.Ed /M.Ed.

Posted 3 years ago

Directions: Read the statements and choose the appropriate option.


(P) Monkeys like mangoes. All men like mangoes. therfore, all men are monkeys.

(Q) Planets are stationary. Earth is a planet. Therefore, earth is stationary.

Posted 5 years ago

Who is premar dhural.mailta variety of basmati is found where,