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Scores of tests each on Teaching Potential, Mathematics, English and Mental Ability, apart from detailed GK preparation (static and dynamic)


This thread is dedicated to preparation for Teaching Potential section of B.Ed /M.Ed

Esha Thukral
Posted 25 days ago

What should be done for teaching the qualities of a good citizen?

A. Students should be given opportunity to work collectively for sometime.

B. Students should be asked to read lives of great men.

Suvashree Swain
Posted 10 months ago

Who get Nobel prize in 2015 in india

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Mental Ability section of B.Ed /M.Ed.

Rupali Sriwastawa
Posted 11 months ago

How to prepare ga plz help 20 marks ga ,,... my exam on 11-7-2016 help for important for ga

This thread is dedicated to discuss general B.Ed /M.Ed queries

Posted 12 months ago

Online practice test for b e d cet

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Mathematics section of B.Ed /M.Ed.

Akshdeep Singh
Posted 2 years ago

? * 20 * 0.2/16 = 100. The value of '?' is

This thread is dedicated to preparation for English section of B.Ed /M.Ed.

Posted 3 years ago

Directions: Read the statements and choose the appropriate option.


(P) Monkeys like mangoes. All men like mangoes. therfore, all men are monkeys.

(Q) Planets are stationary. Earth is a planet. Therefore, earth is stationary.