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Comprehensive coverage for Paper I (General Studies) and Paper II (General Ability): Each section of Paper has Study Notes, PPTs and chapter-wise tests. Paper II covers Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability, chapter-wise. Mock Tests and Previous Year Solved Papers with solutions are also available.


This thread is dedicated to preparation for General Studies section of Civil Services (CSAT). You may share questions related to topics like Ancient and Medieval History, Indian National Movement, Indian Polity, Indian and World Geography, Current Events etc.

Posted 1 month ago

Which of the following thermal power plants is/are correctly matched with the states they are located in?

I.    Chhabra Power Plant - Rajasthan

II.   Koradi Power Plant - Andhra Pradesh

III.  Obra Power Plant - Uttar Pradesh

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Reasoning section of Civil Services (CSAT). You may share questions related to topics like Odd one Out, Analogies, Insert the Missing Character, Blood Relations, Logical Games, Arithmetical Reasoning, Logical Venn Diagram Mathematical Operations, Visual / Spatial Reasoning, Direction Sense Test, Alphabet/Number Test, Coding Decoding, Series Completion, Decision Making, Mathematical Reasoning etc.

Posted 3 months ago

Directions: Choose the correct course of action.

You have raided a shop and manufacturing facility of a highly reputed sweets manufacturer of the city. You find sweets being prepared under unhygienic conditions. The owner of the establishment says that much of his regular workforce is on leave which has resulted in this degeneration of conditions. He is open to pay a huge fine, but requests you not to release the story to the media as his reputation would be torn to shreds.

What would be the ethical decision to take under these conditions?

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Quantitative Ability section of Civil Services (CSAT). You may share questions related to topics like Geometry and Measurement, Higher mathematics, Arithmetic etc.

Santhana Elangovan
Posted 3 months ago

A and B can do a piece of work in 12 and 18 days, respectively. On which day will the work be finished if A starts the work and they work on alternate days?

This discussion is intended to prepare for Civil services exam.

Posted 11 months ago

Consider the following statements:

1. Regarding the procurement of food-grains, Government of India follows a procurement target rather than an open-ended procurement policy.

2. Government of India announces minimum support prices only for cereals.

3. For distribution under targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS), wheat and rice are issued by the Government of India at uniform central issue prices to the states/union territories.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

This thread is dedicated to discuss general Civil Services (CSAT) queries like eligibility, important dates, subjects to opt for, syllabus, how to prepare etc.

Ravi Romeo
Posted 11 months ago

Which of the following facts about IUCN is/are incorrect?

1. IUPN, formed in 1948, was the precursor to IUCN, the official nomenclature being changed in 1958.

2. The 2012 conference of IUCN was held in Gland, near Geneva, Switzerland.

3. IUCN’s Black List provides taxonomic, conservation status and distribution information on taxa that are facing a high risk of global extinction.

This thread is intended to discuss the preparation strategy for CSAT exam.

Anirban Dutta
Posted 1 year ago

Assertion (A): The surface winds spiral inwards upon the centre of the cyclone.

Reason (R): Air descends in the centre of the cyclone.

This discussion is dedicated to discuss questions that appeared in CSAT 2014 Prelims and get answers/solutions from Experts. You may also share your questions related to cut-off etc.

Abinash Mohapatra
Posted 1 year ago

Is there cut off in csat aptitude test for pwd

This thread is dedicated to preparation for English section of Civil Services (CSAT).

Nitish Kapahi
Posted 2 years ago

Directions: Select the option closest in meaning to the word in Capitals.


CSAT -Countdown has begun. It's time to recap and revise all. TCYonline provides you with short Revision Notes on each topic for your revision.

Abhinav Kumar
Posted 3 years ago

How many questions will be there in Paper 2 this time?

Test attemption limit exceeded. Please try again later. I am facing the above problem. Would anyone tell me what to do?

Posted 3 years ago

Best college????