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The Story of How New Cambridge College Revolutionised Test Prep in Chandigarh

The Story of How New Cambridge College Revolutionised Test Prep in Chandigarh

The Story of How New Cambridge College Revolutionised Test Prep in Chandigarh

By Admin / Dec 15, 2023


The Story of How New Cambridge College Revolutionised Test Prep in Chandigarh

In the heart of Chandigarh's bustling streets lies a profound transformation in language learning, orchestrated by New Cambridge College. Under the visionary leadership of Naresh Kumar Dhamija, Founder and Chairman, and the inspirational director duo Mridul Dhamija and Javika Dhamija, this institution isn't just training for English and study-abroad tests; it's changing lives. Founded in 2010 and since its partnership with TCY in September 2017, New Cambridge College has emerged as a beacon of excellence in language education.

Naresh enthusiastically describes their unique approach: "Imagine a classroom where every lesson is tailored to you, making the process of learning English not only enjoyable but deeply personal." This refreshing perspective on education has propelled New Cambridge College to the forefront of language learning.

Their journey transcends the confines of language; it's a narrative of innovation, technological integration, and the creation of boundless opportunities for students. Collaborating with TCY enabled the institution to move beyond conventional teaching methods, ushering in a new era of language education.

Igniting Passion
In June 2019, the college elevated its educational offerings by introducing PTE/IELTS Premium courses. These courses are far from ordinary; they leverage TCY's cutting-edge resources to equip students with exceptional English language skills. Javika Dhamija notes, "Our innovative resources, including smart books and mobile apps, have significantly enhanced our students' proficiency in English."

Expanding Horizons
By February 2020, New Cambridge College was ready to embark on a more ambitious journey. They introduced Study Abroad Plans, encompassing GRE, GMAT, and SAT preparation. This move was a game-changer for students aspiring to study overseas. The college's mock tests for these exams are so realistic that they provide students with an authentic preview of the examination experience. Mridul explains, "With TCY's lifelike mock tests and interactive practice sessions through Challenge Zone, we've revolutionized our students' learning experience."

Tailored Exam Preparation
September 2020 marked yet another significant milestone. The college expanded its language learning portfolio to include TOEFL, CELPIP, and CD-IELTS. "We are now offering personalized exam preparation, ensuring our students are thoroughly prepared for success," says Javika. They have harnessed TCY's AI technology for precise evaluation in PTE and AI-driven speaking tools, providing students with instant feedback and honing their communication skills.

Celebrating Extraordinary Growth
Fast forward to 2023, and the college's growth is nothing short of phenomenal – a fifteenfold increase in student enrollments since their partnership with TCY began. This growth reflects their unwavering commitment to delivering quality education through the effective utilization of TCY's resources. Javika adds, "We look forward to perpetuating our legacy of exceptional education and countless opportunities for our students."

Establishing New Benchmarks
With the unwavering support of TCY, New Cambridge College has redefined the boundaries of education and set new benchmarks in language learning. Naresh emphasizes, "Our partnership with TCY has been pivotal in delivering innovative and effective educational solutions."

As a testament to their incredible journey, Javika shares a remarkable achievement: "After integrating TCY into our curriculum, our students have achieved remarkable results. Fifteen students have scored between 8.5 to 9 in IELTS, and twelve students have achieved a perfect score of 90/90 in PTE. Our average TOEFL score exceeds 110. In exams such as GMAT, the institute students have scored to the tune of 780/800, GRE scores of 337/340, and SAT scores of 1590/1600."

The institute's services also include study abroad guidance, scholarship assistance, and visa application services, ensuring that their students have every opportunity to achieve their dreams on a global scale. With TCY as its steadfast partner, the institute is poised for an exciting future of continued growth and excellence.

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Last updated on : Apr 13, 2024