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Information Technology

Fundamentsls 1. Computers are _______ types. Ans.Three 2. Charless Babbage Known as ___________ . Ans. Father of Computers. 3. Ms-Dos introduced in _______ generation. Ans. 3rd 4. Memory can be divided into ________types. Ans. Two 5. ENIAC was the ____________ computer. Ans. First electronic. 6. Program means___________. Ans. Set of Instructions. 7. Debugging means______________. Ans. Removing errors from program. 8. ABACUS was developed by _________ Ans. Chineese around 3000 B.C. 9. Transistors are used in ___________ Ans. Second Generation Computers. 10. CUI means ___________ Ans. Character User Interface. 11. COBOL was developed by the ______________ Ans. Dr.Grace Hopper in 1960. 12. Punched Cards are developed by_______. Ans. Dr.Herman Hollerith. 13. FORTRAN was developed by________. Ans. John Backus in 1957. 14. Windows 3.1 introduced in ________. Ans. 1992. 15. Networks are __________ types. Ans. Three
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