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IES Preparation for Civil Engineering

Shared from Hydrology - 3 on Jun 17, 2016 12:48 PM

The culturable command area for a distributed channel is 20,000 hectares. Wheat is grown in the entire area and the intensity of irrigation is 50%. The kor period for wheat is 30 days and the kor water depth is 120 mm. The outlet discharge for the distributary should be

2.85 m3/s
3.21 m3/s
4.63 m3/s
5.23 m3/s


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Area = 2000 ha = 2000* 10000m^2 duty D= 8.64*28/0.14= 1728 ha/cumec discharge Q= Area/Duty= 4.63 here B(no. of days) shopuld be 28 and delta should be 14mm than only answer will be 4.63 cumec.