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Here, get tests and preparation material on various aspects of finance.


This thread is dedicated to sharing concepts of stock markets.

Ankit Saini
Posted 2 months ago

A mutual fund launched a new scheme. It issued 10 crore units. The offer document mentioned entry load of 2.25% of face value during the new fund offer period. Issue expenses were Rs. 8 crores. If initial issue expense is amortized over 5 years period, what would be the opening NAV per unit if management fees and other recurring expenses are Zero? Assume that there are no fluctuations in value of underlying assets.

This thread is dedicated to discuss general Finance queries

Baljinder Singh
Posted 5 years ago

Systematic Transfer Plan allows investors to

This thread is dedicated to preparation for MFC.

Mahesh Sharma
Posted 5 years ago

Directions: State whether the following statement is True Or False.

Traditionally, the role of finance manager was restricted to acquisition and efficient allocation of funds.