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NDA is conducted by the UPSC, twice a year for admission to the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. Exam subjects are Mathematics and General Ability Test. A candidate must be an unmarried male and 12th Class pass. Here, you can find complete preparation material that includes Mock Tests, Previous Year Solved Papers and Topic-wise Tests.


This thread is dedicated to discuss general NDA queries

Jasveer Kuntal
Posted 2 months ago

For convex mirror, if m = + 1, this gives the information that _____.

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Mathematics section of NDA. You may share questions related to topics like Integral Calculus, Complex Numbers, Matrices and Determinants, Vectors, 3-D Geometry, Sequence/Series, Trigonometry, Co-Ordinate Geometry, Exponential and Logarithmic Series, Modern Algebra, Statistics, Differential Calculus, Functions and Equations, Permutation and Combination, Probability etc.

Rishi Garg
Posted 2 months ago

There are five differently addressed applications and six differently colored envelopes. In how many ways can one place these applications in these envelopes?

Ravi Kumar Ravi Kumar
Posted 2 months ago

What is the value of y in terms of x by using the figure alongside?

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Science section of NDA. You may share questions from subjects like Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physics of Semiconductors, Nuclear Physics, Atomic Physics, Wave Optics, Ray Optics, Electromagnetic Induction, Electrodynamics, Electrostatics, Thermodynamics, Heat, Sound, Waves, Mechanics etc.

Posted 3 months ago

A cyclist is moving in a circular track of radius 80 m with a velocity v = 36 km/h. With respect to the vertical, he has to lean approximately through an angle of (Take g = 10 ms-2)

This thread is dedicated to preparation for GK section of NDA.

Posted 8 months ago

How many hill stations are there in India

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Objective English section of NDA. You may post questions related to topics like Error identification, Reading Comprehension, Syllogisms, Logical Reasoning, Sentence Completion, Verbal Analogy, Odd Word Out, Paragraph Completion, Jumbled Sentence, Sentence Completion, Antonyms, Synonyms etc.

Navin Kumar Acharya
Posted 8 months ago

Find error in underlined parts (a), (b) or (c) and mark the answer accordingly. If you feel that there is no error in a sentence, then mark (d) which signifies no error.

(a) If it were not (b) for you, (c) I would not be alive today. (d) No error