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Chapter-wise tutoring/testing on: C ; C ++; Operating Systems; DBMS; Java; CSA; Networking


This thread is dedicated to preparation for Java/Oracle /C/C++ section of Information Technology

Nikhi Kumar Sahu
Posted 2 months ago

What is c language

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Operations Research section of Information Technology

Sonam Baranwal
Posted 1 year ago

The ________ layer is the layer closest to the transmission medium.

Posted 2 years ago

Which of the following types of memory is electrically reprogrammable?

Posted 3 years ago

The radix of the hexadecimal system is

Mani Bhushan Jha
Posted 3 years ago

What would be the output of the following C code? void main() { char Rstr[] =TCYonline; printf( %s,Rstr); printf( %s,&Rstr); }

Sonika Bhartwaj
Posted 6 years ago

What is the full form of computer ?