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To learn the language (grammar and vocab) at Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced and Proficient levels (with video lecture support), you need to go nowhere else. Concept/level-wise preparation is also available for Reading Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning.


This thread is dedicated to preparation for Grammar section of English. You may share questions related to topics like Sentence Formation, Idioms and Phrases, Adjectives/Adverbs, Prepositions, Tenses, Change of Narration, Determiners, Punctuation, Change of Voice, Conjunctions, Auxiliaries and Modals, Verb, Pronoun Usage, Noun Usage etc.

Arghya Ray
Posted 1 month ago

Directions: Choose the word/phrase which best replaces the italicised part in the sentence given below. If the sentence needs no change, mark (4) as your answer.

The robber entered into the old man's room very quietly.

This thread is dedicated to discuss general English queries

Wade Key
Posted 6 months ago

Directions: Choose the most appropriate word/phrase to fill the blank.

Here are your shoes; I _____ them.

This thread is dedicated to improvement of reading skills for exams like TOEFL.

Sruthi Kuriakose
Posted 13 days ago

Below is a text with blanks. Click on each blank, a list of choices will appear. Select the appropriate answer choice for each blank.

Anthropologists have discovered mind boggling facts about the old culture and the religious Blank 1 of the ancient Egyptian civilisation. In antiquity, the Pharaohs established a powerful central government in the Nile valley of Egypt. The Egyptians worshipped the Pharaohs and believed that when the pharaoh died, he became “King of the dead”. And if the dead body didn’t have proper care, the pharaoh would not be able to carry out the duties as "king of the dead”. They regarded it an ill Blank 2, leading to natural calamities, death and Blank 3. Hence, each dead pharaoh was mummified to prevent the divine retribution.

The ancient Egyptians built massive tombs, carved into bedrocks to protect the body and pharaoh’s soul. The huge blocks of stones were pushed up the Blank 4 to their top positions. The builders of the tombs were not slaves or foreigners but the permanent employees. Archaeologists believe that 20 to 30 thousand workers were Blank 5 to build the pyramids. The pyramid at Giza took 80 years. Huge labour force was available during the inundation season when the Nile flooded and farmland was under water. It was considered an ideal time to transport huge blocks to the pyramid sites. The King spent huge amount as the construction involved a big battalion of great architects, engineers and designers as well as professional stone polishers.

Posted 2 months ago

Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

Which of the following most accurately summarises the opinion of the author in the text?

Shazia Sultana
Posted 2 months ago

How can I speak fluent English to anywhere any place & any person... please help me

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Vocabulary section of English. You may share questions related to topics like Jumbled Words, One Word Substitution, Synonyms / Word Meanings, Antonyms, Odd Word Out, Spelling Errors etc.

Rajat Awasthi
Posted 3 months ago

Directions: Substitute the following phrase with one word from the given options.

To become dry as liquid flows off

Gayathiri Vijatabaskar
Posted 1 year ago

Which is easier to score 7 band ielts or pte

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Dharwinder Singh
Posted 1 year ago

What is meaning of my name