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Class XI / XII

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Here you can find topic wise tests on Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Physics,along with NCERT solutions for Class XI and Class XII.
Test Name Author/Website RatingAction
Exothermic Reaction ...
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Introduction to Mech...
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Thermodynamics (Part 1)
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Newton's Second Law ...
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Newton's Third Law o...
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Introduction to Tension
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Tension - 2
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Moving Pulley Proble...
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Introduction to Mome...
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Introduction to Work...
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Center of Mass
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Introduction to Torque
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Introduction to Cent...
Not Rated04 Apr,2010View
Not Rated20 Jan,2011View
Not Rated21 Jan,2011View
Root system
Not Rated21 Jan,2011View
Human heart
Not Rated23 Jan,2011View
Not Rated25 Jan,2011View
Biomolecules - 1
Not Rated31 Jan,2011View

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It was a tough task for me to manage both Mathematics and Biology simultaneously, but TCY Analytics helped me throughout my preparation. The remedial inputs saved a lot of my time by making me focus only on my weak areas every time I took a test. The tests too are of very high quality. I thank TCYonline for my success.



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