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Preparing for Olympiads like NTSE, NSEJS, NCO and NSO is really a tough job. It involves deep understanding of concepts, lots of practicing and above all, meticulous planning of your preparation. When you start your preparation plan, several questions might crop up in your mind.

The million-dollar question is:
“How is everyone preparing and is my level of preparation enough to fetch me positive results?”

Making short-term goals and implementing strategies to achieve them, keeping the focus on long-term goals, needs a lot of expertise. That is where we seek to help you. Every TCY-K12 centre prepares you to face OPTE, conducted on the first Sunday of every month. As this test is taken by students across all TCY-K12 powered centres, you can benchmark your performance among your future competitors. Along with the results of OPTE, you get a detailed analysis of your test which includes description of weak and strong subject areas as well as recommendations on topic-wise tests to convert your weak areas into potentially strong areas. Isn’t it a smart way to plan and execute your Olympiads preparation?

TCY-OPTE Syllabus (2017-18)



  • Exam Date: 04 Feb, 2018
  • Result Date: 10 Feb, 2018