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"This Workbook provides you with a quick threadbare revision and analysis of each experiment of class IX & X, with full exposure to the variety of questions along with a complete examination experience."
Questions in this test series are designed on the lines of actual past papers of CBSE and are validated by experienced teachers who have been into the teaching for past many years. This course covers every single Experiment prescribed by CBSE and strictly adheres to the CBSE guidelines.
Remember, your preparation is as good as the kind and quality of tests you are exposed to. If you have your sights set on 100% then it is time to rise and shine. We want you to rise above help books and face the challenge head on with our Workbook for Practical MCQs.
"Each Practical test is designed to evaluate the depth and breadth of your understanding in the subject. It also gives you an in-depth visualization of types of possible questions from a given experiment. The tests provide you with a way to systematically eliminate weak areas to reach 100%."
There are 30 Practical Tests for both Class IX & X. All the tests are in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). All the tests are timed so that you attempt to answer the questions within the prescribed limits of time. This helps increase your speed. All MCQ based tests have to be attempted online and just after you submit the test you will get the results as well as the answer keys of all the questions. This section also gives you the analytics by "TCY Analytics".
A downloadable question bank for exhaustive preparation. Covers relevant questions from past 15 years` CBSE papers.