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CCE Preparation Class IX CCE Test Series in Math & Science

You have come a long way. After almost a year of hard work for your final exam, testing time is here again. NOW is the time to expose your preparation to an array of tests, which would help identify and plug systematically, all the loopholes in your preparation.
"This test series provides you with a quick threadbare revision and analysis of each chapter, and equips you with a variety of questions along with a complete examination experience."
Questions in this test series are designed by a panel of experienced teachers who have been into teaching for the past many years.
Remember, your preparation is as good as the kind and quality of tests you are exposed to. If you have set your goal as 100%, and want nothing but the best then it is time to rise and shine. We want you to rise above sample papers and face the challenge head on with a quality test series for schools and CCE.
Features of this Test Series
Class IX CCE Test Series in Math & Science is a series covers both Formative Assessment Tests and Summative Assessment Tests.
•  60 Formative Assessment Tests (FATs)
•  31 Summative Assessment Tests (SATs)

When you are through this series of tests, you are 100% prepared to face the examinations.
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