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Here you can find topic wise tests on Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, along with NCERT solutions for Class XI and Class XII.


Tests for Class XI (53 Chem, 90 Maths, 46 Bio, 59 Phy.)


Tests for Class XII (68 Chem, 51 Maths, 35 Bio, 34 Phy.)


NCERT Book Solutions (Complete) Class XI-XII


Practice Tests Subject-wise Class XII

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Learning Groups

ceT TopperS

Description : ThIS year we goin tOP the mHT cet

Created By Ab on 25 May, 2008 Join

Concept of energy levels(orbits)

Description : Students who are preparing for Class XI / XII can discuss their problems & share thier knowledge on topics like Concept of energy lev...

Created By Palak on 06 Feb, 2013 Join


Description : ThIS year we goin tOP the mHT cet

Created By Ab on 25 May, 2008 Join

love for astro

Description : Group for all astronomy lovers

Created By Kriti Joshi on 16 Jun, 2010 Join


Description : LETS CRACK \"IIT-JEE-2013\"

Created By Rohan on 19 Oct, 2011 Join

class 11 science group

Description : This group science students.

Created By Prashant on 18 Aug, 2012 Join

Technical Thinkers

Description : All those who have a technical and logical thinking....all those who love to find out reasons and roots of a topic may join me. ( especia...

Created By Ashish Manocha on 19 Jan, 2013 Join

Welcome students...

Description : Helu can seek me if you are in need of any help in acadamics(school students as well as engineering students are welcome)

Created By Farzana Nazir on 10 Mar, 2010 Join


Description : People admiring this subject and who wants to know its working .

Created By Dalia Choudhury on 19 Mar, 2010 Join

Science we share

Description : We can share or views questions and queries and can also have experts advice

Created By Sharat Yadav on 16 Nov, 2010 Join

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Success Story

It was a tough task for me to manage both Mathematics and Biology simultaneously, but TCY Analytics helped me throughout my preparation. The remedial inputs saved a lot of my time by making me focus only on my weak areas every time I took a test. The tests too are of very high quality. I thank TCYonline for my success.



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