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CTET/TET is required to get a teaching job in government schools and leading private schools. CTET has two objective papers - Paper I (classes I to V) and Paper II (classes VI to VIII). Exam subjects include Child Development and Pedagogy, 2 Languages, Maths and Science, EVS, Social Studies. Here, you can find complete preparation material for CTET (Papers I & II) and State Teacher Eligibility Test (TET).


This thread is dedicated to preparation for Environmental Studies section of CTET.

Srutishree Biswal
Posted 2 months ago

Which of the following is/are commonly used pesticide(s)? Blue vitriol DDT and BHC Potassium nitrate None of these

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Child Development and Pedagogy section of CTET.

Posted 7 months ago

Which is the following is not among the four determinant of intellectual growth stated by Piaget a social transmission b Experience c equilibrium d none of these

The notification for Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET.NIC.IN) July 2014 is out. This thread is intended to discuss all queries related to Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Application process, Important dates, Preparation strategy - tips and tricks etc.

Naughty Tollywood
Posted 9 months ago

CSVTU Admit Card 2016-17 download Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University CSVTU Admit Card https://govtposts.in/2016/11/csvtu-admit-card-2016/

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Language I (English) section of CTET.

Sanjay Bhandari
Posted 11 months ago

Phonen is a

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Science section of CTET.

Posted 12 months ago

Which acid is found in pancreas which helps to digest the food a h2so4 b hno3 c hcl d h2so4 hno3

This thread is dedicated to discuss general CTET queries

Amrita Gupta
Posted 2 years ago

Modal test paper ctet for 6to8

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Mathematics section of CTET.

Manish Kumar Verma
Posted 2 years ago

In a pair of two supplementary angles, the measure of the larger angle is 44o more than the measure of the smaller one. What are the measures of these angles?

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Social Studies/ Social Sciences section of CTET.

Posted 3 years ago

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