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This thread is dedicated to discuss general queries for CBSE class 3rd to 10th.

Tarun Sai Damarla
Posted 8 days ago

Find the real roots of the quadratic equation x2 – 9x + 18 = 0 and for the two roots x and x1, find a and b such that Log10 a = x and Log10 b = x1.

This thread is dedicated to preparation for classes 3rd to 10th for CBSE board.

Posted 12 days ago

Rajiv  wants to lay carpet on the floor of his room. The size of his room is 15 feet 18 feet. Which of the following sizes of carpet should he buy for his room so that he can lay it without cutting?

I am solo weak in maths how to improve it

Ravish Chhabra
Posted 1 month ago

What is speed of light

Arunesh Unnithan
Posted 3 months ago

Directions: Choose the odd one out.

The purpose is to make the kids understand the parts& functions of skeletal & muscular systems in Humans