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This thread is dedicated to preparation for classes 3rd to 10th for CBSE board.

Posted 2 months ago

In the given figure, O is the centre of the circle. A and B are two points on the circle.

Which of the following statements is definitely true?

Arunesh Unnithan
Posted 28 days ago

Directions: Choose the odd one out.

This thread is dedicated to discuss general queries for CBSE class 3rd to 10th.

Posted 4 months ago

It takes 12 hours to fill a swimming pool using two pipes. if the pipe of larger diameter is used for 4 hours and the pipe of smaller diameter is used for 9 hours, only half of the pool is filled. How long would each pipe take to fill the swimming pool?

Important material for final exams

Sumit Saurabh Sinha
Posted 2 years ago

A cylinder of mass 10 kg is rolling perfectly on a plane of inclination 300. Find he force of friction between cylinder & surface of inclined plane

The purpose is to make the kids understand the parts& functions of skeletal & muscular systems in Humans