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The placement papers cover Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability, Verbal Ability, with chapter-wise, sectional and mock tests. Apart from Company-wise tests, common Placement Aptitude tests have been provided for other placements.


This thread is dedicated to preparation for Reasoning section of Placement Papers. You may share questions related to topics like Mathematical Operation, Odd One Out, Series Completion, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Games, Analogies, Blood Relations, Coding Decoding, Direction Sense Test, Insert the Missing Character etc.

Akash Deep Jaiswal
Posted 2 months ago

Directions: Sum of the ages of four brothers P, Q, R and S is 45. When 2 is added to the age of P, 2 is subtracted from the age of Q, 2 is multiplied to the age of R and the age of S is divided by 2, you get the same number.

Who is the eldest one?

This thread is dedicated to discuss general Placement Papers.

Alka Yadav
Posted 9 months ago

What will be the output of the following function?

# include<stdio.h>

void fun(int *f)


*f = 10;


void main()


const int arr[5] = {1,2,3,4,5};




This thread is dedicated to preparation for Numerical Ability section of Placement Papers. You may share questions related to topics like Algebra, Arithmetic, Data Analysis, Geometry & Measurement, Modern Mathematics etc. along with questions asked in placements papers of TCS/ Infosys/ Wipro/ CTS/ Accenture/ HCL etc.

Posted 1 year ago

The probability that Anu would be alive in 2050 is  and that of her husband being alive is . What is the probability that their kids will have at least one of the parents alive in 2050?

This thread is dedicated to sharing and solving IT Companies Placement Papers.

Posted 2 years ago

ERP stands for

Posted 3 years ago

I want to know the question asked in infosys placement paper ...plz tell me

Supriya Kamkar
Posted 3 years ago

1. Two workers A and B manufactured a batch of identical parts. A worked for 2 hours and B worked for 5 hours and they did half the job. Then they worked together for another 3 hours and they had to do (1/20)th of the job. How much time does B take to complete the job, if he worked alone? A) 24 hours B) 12 hours C) 15 hours D) 30 hours HI can anyone please explain how to solve this. Answer is given as option C

This thread is dedicated to preparation for C ++ for placements.

Posted 4 years ago

What is the advantage of c++ over c ?