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IELTS candidates usually find the writing section of the exam difficult than other parts of the exam. This is primarily because they are unaware of the evaluators’ expectations. By following few simple guidelines, students can improve their score in IELTS Writing module. There are some”Must’s” not to be missed, “Do’s” to be considered and “Don’ts” to be avoided for an increase in the Band score.
Analyse the topic
Divide your ideas into separate paragraphs (4-5 paragraphs: Introduction, 2-3 body paragraphs, conclusion)
Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence
Support your argument with reasons and examples
Summarise the essay in the form of a crux in conclusion
Answer all parts of the prompt full
Plan your essay before writing
Give specific and concise answers
Write coherently (appropriately organized and logically sequenced ideas)
Use Cohesion (link ideas, sentences and paragraphs together, usage of connectors)
Use variety of sentence structures
Use Linguistic range
In the introduction, paraphrase the task statement and mention the aim of the essay in a thesis statement
Provide suggestion/ recommendation and wider implication in the conclusion
Use impersonal language (e.g. we must it is essential to)
Use formal vocabulary (e.g. stuff- material, keep – maintain, make sure – ensure)
Use synonyms to avoid repletion (e.g. important : vital/ crucial/significant)
Proofread the written content
Must write at least 250 words
DON’T forget to answer all parts of essay in your answer
DON’T write without a plan
DON’T use contractions such as ‘don’t, can’t, shouldn’t’ etc.
DON’T switch between ideas: Link them!
DON’T combine ‘for’ and ‘against’ ideas.
DON’T write simple sentence structures
DON’T use wrong tone (Keep it formal)
DON’T overuse phraseology
DON’T use colloquial expressions (e.g. I had a gala time )
DON’T repeat words and ideas
DON’T copy the task prompt in you written content
DON’T write body paragraphs either too short or too long (maintain balance)
DON’T write longer conclusion, keep the conclusion shorter than introduction.
DON’T disclose ideas in the introduction.
DON’T write too much (keep it between 250-270)
Above given tips are not exhaustive but can inform about some vital aspects to pass the IELTS exam with a good band score.
Visit TCYonline.com to score high bands in all IELTS modules. Once you get the grip of tips and strategies, next step is to diligently practice as much as possible. You may also visit TCY app for practice.
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