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Well, the section dreaded the most by majority of CAT takers is Verbal Ability, which evaluates the reading and writing skills of candidates. Preparation for this section requires loads of practice and patience. The ability to score well in this section grows with time. You need a specific strategy to attain excellence in the section. Reading Comprehension tips was discussed in previous post. Here we値l focus on broad areas and tips to crack overall verbal ability section.

Apply these tips to practice your Verbal Ability Section and you値l be on your way to ace it in CAT:

Start Reading: If you love to read, then you have crossed your first hurdle. Majority questions based on reading comprehension, critical reasoning, paragraph completion. sentence completion, para-jumbles and word usage may be solved easily by those who have had a consistent reading habit. So, start reading novels, newspaper, magazines and everything else you get. Read to understand.

Work on your Grammar and Vocabulary: Go back to elementary school and revise what you studied then. Every time you read, try to understand the usage of words and then make out the difference between a grammatically correct and an incorrect sentence. There are endless sources on the net that give you the etymology of words. Give 15 minutes every day to consult the 'horoscope' of words that have been bothering you. But do it daily.

Develop Reasoning Ability: Well, this is the most important part for acing the verbal ability section. Verbal reasoning is not limited to certain specific questions, but is a part of other type of questions. It is essential to figure out the central idea of passage that they are reading. Once done, it becomes easy to answer the questions.

The best way to develop Reasoning Ability in the Verbal section is to read from a variety of sources and question oneself about the author's motive behind writing the article. Abstract topics, those related to philosophy, religion, spirituality, psychology etc are very useful in increasing your understanding about the motives of the author.

Plan:Prepare a schedule for your overall CAT preparation, and then for various types of questions in the Verbal Ability section. This way you will have a proper exposure to all the topics.

Practice: Verbal ability can be enhanced only by practicing, not mugging. Therefore try and take as many verbal ability sectional tests as possible. This will help you to boost your confidence and get a hold on the section. Remember one cardinal principle whenever you take a test. If you get the answer right, forget and proceed. If you don't, do your best to find out 'why.

Keep the above tips handy and cruise through this section.

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