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Well, the most important thing you need to figure out is the importance of Reading Comprehensions (RCs). They say CAT is highly unpredictable. The most predictable thing about CAT is that RC questions constitute almost 50% of the CAT verbal section and in fact, the percentage remains the same in rest of the MBA entrance exams as well. Not only this, even the rest of the questions in the Verbal section and a few in the other sections also can be solved using strategies we learn as part of reading comprehension. This clearly signifies the importance of the topic and one cannot afford to neglect it.

Apply these tips to practice your RCs and you’ll be on your way to ace the verbal ability section in CAT:

Focus on the opening and closing paragraphs: - For majority of the RCs, you will get the central idea by just going through the opening and closing paragraphs. Also for an individual paragraph, the first line gives you an idea about what the paragraph contains.

Never read the answer choices before you read the passage: - You might want to rush to the answer options of the questions. But this will cloud your thinking while reading the passage. It is always advisable to overview the passage first and then take a look at the question stems before you read the passage in detail.

Do not get stuck on difficult words: - While going through the passage, when you encounter a difficult word, do not get stuck on it. You can easily get the meaning of the word from the context of the passage.

Use context to help you:- If a question asks you about some specific line, do not jump back to the line immediately. Instead use the context of that paragraph to answer the question.

Underline and take brief notes as you read: - While reading, try to understand as to what the author is trying to say. This will help you to get hold of the RC. Also make brief notes if the passage appears to be long.

Understand and simplify the question: - The answer will remain difficult only as long as the question is difficult. So, simplify the question. Understand the question. Mark the answer, which specifically answers the whole question.

Do not make assumptions: - Remember, an RC question is not a test of your knowledge. It is a test of what you have understood from the passage. Whatever is given in the passage is final. You need nothing else to answer the questions. So, do not assume anything.

Save unfamiliar passages for last: - While going through the RC passages, if the topic you come across is not your forte, leave that passage and move onto the next one. Attempt the easier RCs first and then come back to the others.

Apply all these tips to the RCs you practice and get in the habit of solving them. Also get in the habit of reading. It will help you to get through not only the Reading Comprehension part, but most of the Verbal Ability section

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