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We keep testing a student round the year through formative and summative assessments. We also give him a subject-based score and that calls for a predictive judgment on his future, written boldly on his report card. Are we really monitoring his learning curve or trying to understand as to what is going through his mind? Even if we do, the pressure of syllabus and deadlines don’t allow the empathetic arms to stretch forward and help him individually.

So, in the wonderland of K-12 education in India, the ultimate consumer - the student - goes unheard. But what if we are enabled with a pair of super glasses to peep through each score, opening up a new view into his learning outcome? Yes, we would then be able to solve the various riddles of his performance and realize that every child is unique and so is his learning.

The super glasses are the Analytical Reports (generated by www.tcyonline.com) that we can access even on our mobile phones. They tell us loud and clear what a student needs in a particular subject area. It is up to us to listen or just ignore these unheard voices asking for academic help.

The Analytical Reports also answer questions like:

Why is Math proficiency level of a school at par/ worse than that of the rest?
The Standard Proficiency Score is a number that describes a student’s location on the achievement continuum. Regular online assessments determine his proficiency level, also citing the topics that require our attention. Moving a step further, they indicate the pain-points which, if dealt with properly at the right time, can increase the overall proficiency level of the school.

Why should we help an already excellent science teacher?
Mrs. Sharma, a science teacher, may be highly rated in the teacher fraternity and her students may be high scorers too. But a peep into the wonderland of class reports shows a small topic like Combustion and Flame that has been bothering her students. If Mrs. Sharma can get this one right, no student of hers will lag behind.

Oh! I also see Mrs. Chatterjee, who has recently joined but her students seem to have mastered this topic. So, maybe she could help out Mrs. Sharma in the next training cycle. These reports can also help them individualize learning, identify common misconceptions and arrange effective remedial classes. This is where TCYonline’s Teacher Assistant program comes handy.

Why should parents contribute in the mission education?
The days of peer comparisons are gone. Yet a comparative chart showing how my child is doing in terms of speed, understanding level and accuracy can help me as a parent respond better to any such a number. A little hand-holding on certain topics can not only pave the way for an increased score but also a close-knit relationship.

Come to think of it; now one doesn’t need to be an ‘Alice’ for venturing into the ‘Wonderland’ of K-12 teaching and learning, for technological advances have opened new doors to this wonderland. These online solutions connect all the stakeholders and give them customized suggestions, something win-win for all, students, parents, teachers and principals.

But, are we ready to delve deeper into the mind of the student? Are we ready to listen to his crying needs? Alas! Only a handful of schools are fully equipped with the state-of-the-art computer labs. Others are still groping…a bit tentatively. The doors of the wonderland are waiting to be opened.

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