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The much awaited CAT 2015 Notification is out. Several changes have been made to this year’s CAT Exam. Main highlights are:
• Exam will be conducted on a single day with two slots, on Nov 29th
• Number of sections has been increased to 3 i.e. Quantitative Ability (QA), Verbal & Reading Comprehension (VRC), and Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)
• Number of Questions per section defined: 34 in Quant; 34 in Verbal; and 32 in DI-LR
• Time-limit has been increased to 180 minutes (from 170 minutes previously).
• Fixed time limit for each section, i.e. 60 minutes each for QA, DI-LR and Verbal.
• Some questions may not be of Multiple-Choice type
• Onscreen calculator will be allowed for computation.

Sectional Changes

These changes sound as if CAT has changed drastically, but that is not the case. It is just that the sections have been rearranged. Earlier also there were 100 questions in total, with Data Interpretation being a part of Quantitative Ability, and Logical Reasoning being a part of Verbal Ability. With the rearrangement, the number of questions remains the same, but similar topics have been kept in a single section. This has made it much easier to focus on the topics individually.

Time Limit

With fixed time limit, one will be able to focus on the section in hand, without worrying about the other sections. Therefore, the focus will help on maximizing the number of attempts per section. On the other hand, it will not be possible to save time in one section to focus on the other sections.

Non-MCQ Questions

This is a totally new addition to CAT. With this, the focus will be more on problem solving and not so much on options or guessing. The one with strong fundamentals will be able to tackle these problems better.

On Screen Calculator

This move in CAT- 2015 will help the candidates to focus more on problem solving than on computation. This move will help candidates from non-engineering background to be at par with those with engineering. At the same time, it needs to be noted that use of calculator is time consuming and should be resorted to only when calculations are lengthy or complex.

More focus on Reading

With separate section for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, the candidates won’t be able to hide behind Logical Reasoning to clear the section. As more number of questions in this section will be reading based, the focus should be on reading habits and on getting the gist.

Your Preparation Plan for CAT-2015

With several changes proposed in CAT-2015, will the preparation plan remain the same? Perhaps yes. Only that one will have to practice CAT 2015 Mock Tests to get in tune with the new pattern.

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